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  • Been on about 6 weeks now made loads of mistakes paid roughly £250 in commission to try and sort out my port for ss but am still £150 up on 4k investment.
    I would be more than happy with 3-4% increase per month do you all think ive gone with 2 many players to achieve this?
    So far i have-:

    T Hazard
    Moussa Dembele
    Lamine Diaby

    25 Futures in every player

    players with losses atm(i think im still happy to hold these i cant see them not going back up)

    Salah -96p
    Havertz -68p
    T Hazard -42p
    Chiesa -13p
    Goretzka -45p

    i still think im short on defenders,any suggestions would be great.

  • @Ynot_b WOW....too many players in my opinion.

  • I agree too many. I struggle to keep tabs on 8-10 players

  • must admit to being glued to my phone a lot more than normal but hardly had a bet at the bookies since I started and really enjoy researching players

  • @NewUser35208 Agree, that would blow my mind!!!

    I have x10, will look at getting another x5 post SS.

  • did have 45 now at 35!!

  • It does depend on strategy. If your buying players and happy to wait 6-12-18 months then it’s not that stressful. But if your planning on constantly changing players then your gonna pay a lot of money in commission. Loads of ways to make money on the platform.

  • disagree... although i often get bored of these type of 'look at my portfolio and judge it' type of threads i see you've spread your risk and put into some bloody good players along the way....

    Diversity is good... ignore the haters... but perhaps ask yourself 'WHY' you need defenders???

    Give it six months and if you hold for long enough you'll probably see those at the top end rise fastest... Strikers, Playmakers, Goalscorers... I think you've got a good mix... you might get the odd huge boom from a Chucky or Barella following moves but generally the best players in that list... Pogba, Rashford, Havertz etc will probably rise the most... not to mention PB which is why i ask... is that the reason for you keeping defenders? Or do you intend on flipping on transfer spec?

  • Looks like a thing of beauty … only a few there that you need to keep an eye on and sell when they make the reward i.e. Frederiks has potential to grow once he starts 2 or 3 games in a row, then i'd get my tail out and be happy to have taken 10pps on him.

    Should have plenty of MB, PB and capital appreciation there.

    Yes if you have the time to spend many hours a day, with £4k you could probably make a lot of money, but that lot can just sit there and earn the amount you state.

  • I'm happy to try and keep a fairy settled group of players long term and just use spare cash for the odd new players I like the look of just to keep the interest going.

  • Personally I don’t think that’s too many players, my portfolio has about the same value and I’ve got 60 players.

  • @dannypea with the small amount of defenders I have was still hoping to pick up the odd PB but also picked ones I can sell with transfer speculation.

  • I'm at 49, similar list to you (I think you commented on mine that yours was similar)… the only issue I have, or rather change from having a smaller port, is identifying where the rise and falls are.

    I log in quite a lot so if my port refresh shows a £10 gain/loss I quite like to check who, just in case I need to see if theres a reason.

    With 50 players its really hard

  • I keep seeing on twitter pictures of reports every few hours of price increase/decrease where could I find those be really helpful with a lot of players.

  • @Ynot_b fair point... i started in a similar way to you and eventually got bored of defenders due to their lack of or slower growth... the thing to keep in mind with a big diverse portfolio is you will have some winners and losers and you'll have some frustrating holds... don't be afraid to keep the ones you believe in during the lean times.. whilst likewise don't be afraid to get rid of an nonperforming asset if you see value elsewhere at a similar price...

    some players (take the United youngsters) will move quicker in a day then some of your long term holds might over 2 years!!!

  • I hold 97 players but 17 are only 1 share to track the player. Happy to get 3/4 % a month capital appreciation although I do hold maybe 10-15 players for transfer spec waiting to flip.

  • @Ynot_b Everyone has different strategy
    I have 70 players some only few futures, but as already advised a 'balance' to ur port is essential at moment as we all wait on info regarding SS Port looks good to me👍

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