James Garner

  • The IPO we've been waiting for. I look forward to seeing how many get burned by him tomorrow!

  • Released in f*cking assembly time! I shall come to back to class to see him at £3.22 I reckon.
    I don't think people will get burned on him...look at all the other utd kids. It may be August or September til these bubbles burst properly.

  • I spotted this too... wondered if it’d cause much of a fuss on here. I’ve got a plan to login tomorrow and if (once the bots have finished and us normal lot can see his price) he’s under a certain price then I’ll buy. Otherwise I’ll let it go to the wolves and keep well clear.

    On a side note... If this theory about bots buying immediately is true... how do I go about getting one of these... in the next 12 hours.

  • @NewUser277689 I know a Russian... Wire me £500 and your mobile number!
    Its definitely true... In less than a few seconds of his release he will be £2 I think. I'll try and get some, anything under £3 I think will probably return a profit. Lots of volatility... I'm fairly sure a lot of the bots buy 1000s but are built to put them on the market fairly quickly or in price brackets like 10p profit sell 500, 20p sell 500...you see the price yoyo very quickly.

  • Its going to be volatile - many will be buying him to put in the sell queue the same day

    Are any of tomorrows other IPOs promising? They might go relatively unnoticed amidst all the Garner madness

  • @Vespasian32 quick, take my money!

    Yeah I’ve set a price and I won’t budge otherwise I’ll just get strung along. He won’t play a game for united for years probably (maybe a few cup games if he’s lucky and will go out on loan to some non PB league) not that logic plays any part in players price.
    An interesting trading experiment tomorrow either way if only as a watcher from the side lines

  • What time are the IPOs to go live?

  • @Dannybeavs 9am-11am

  • @Chris-J don't think any of the others are worth even a punt at a quick flip...except if you get in the mix very early and make money from the bots.

  • @Chris-J look rubbish to me... But Ipos are a licence to print money just because of the desperation. Its like going to a jumble sale and buying a load of Arnie movies on VHS.... You haven't got a VHS player anymore and you know they are scratched to shit anyway... But you want it!
    I made money on Mwepu, Szobozslai, Guilherme and Tyler Roberts at the last IPO... Of which none will win a dividend in the next 3 years.

  • @Vespasian32
    are these bots beatable in anyway?
    what if I keep pressing refresh??

  • Is there a certain time they get released?

  • @NewUser280785 have u seen the episode of Big bang theory where they relentlessly hammer the refresh button leading up to the release of comicon tickets... And upon moment of release they still find themselves like 9000th in the queue and it all sells out in 30 secs anyway.... That's what this would be like for you lol.

  • Just realised if I turn my phone it says the time and price.

  • @NewUser277689 I appreciate the sentiment of what you're saying but he has already played in the premier league, coming on as a last minute sub, can't remember who against. It will be interesting to see how everyone behaves though. I think I'll be trying to get in early seeing how the rest of them have gone and that he has actually come one for them unlike others had before yesterday.

  • He's touted as the next Michael Carrick - so logically he should be around £1.30-£1.50 mark.

    But looking at the heights Declan Rice & Sean Longstaff achieved - than he's probably going to be £3.50+ easy 😎

  • What’s his ipo price and time can’t see it anywhere kept asking for him!

  • @NewUser209742 9am £1

  • Community challenge to see who can get him cheapest

  • @Vespasian32 You're on!

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