Jarod bowen

  • *hi guys . I'm new to this and looking through the players the player that I like the looks of on the field I'd jarodbowen of Hull city . But is he looking axworth while investment as my 1st purchase . Thanks in advance.

  • Judging by the rest of the young players in the championship I'd say so, Hull fans think he'll move to the prem in the summer. Leicester and Spurs have been linked in the past few months, 18 goals from a wide player is not to be sniffed at, at any level!

  • I'm a holder, and he's rising decently at the moment, but his value is not yet near similar young English talent so I think there's a lot of rooms there, especially considering his talent - I'd definitely buy in right now, and don't panic if he levels out or drops before the summer.

  • @kristiang85 thank u

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