Moise Kean?

  • Any news on his rise or is this just a pump? Can't find anything?

  • I guess he is likely to feature tonight as Ronaldo could be rested for the Atletico game

  • yeah Juve are resting loads tonight so he will play, I would tread with caution at this stage though as his price has risen so much he will no doubt drop into and post game

  • Held him for a while now as a long term hold. just pleased to see him rise.

  • @Weedster Interested to know more about your thoughts on this as im in a similar position on a player I envisaged as long hold

    Kean has risen 30p pretty much on the basis of tonights game, so by HT or certainly by tomo there will be a drop off. Are you not tempted to cash in on the rise and just buy either more shares tomorrow, or the same shares again and bank a little profit?

    I have De Ligt who is up 40pps on the back of beating Madrid. I suspect he will continue to rise leading into the next round of knockouts... I think i'll sell then buy again once they are knocked out.

    Long term hold essentially was someone I thought would grow at a slow and steady pace... but if it turns volatile im not going to turn down the opportunity to make some money.

  • @Vespasian32 The way I look at it is that when I bought Kean(and De Ligt by the way). I set a price at which I would sell at. I do this with all of my players. Once they reach this price I'm happy to sell. But I now have a lot of players which have reached this mark who I still hold! This is probably due to FOMO but the main reason is, that I think the share split has shifted the goalposts so I'm trying to hold on to all of my players until after. Both Kean and De Ligt haven't reached my original "sell" price but both have risen since I bought them . I see what you mean about selling now and then buying back on his "inevitable" drop tomorrow but I'm happy to do nothing and see how it pans out...he may score a hat trick ha.

  • I'm the same. I bought and he's gone up, and I've topped up too. He's a talent, and he's got every chance of getting a goal - if he does his price will rise further. Its already made the news that he will play, and he's likely to be supported by Dybala and Bernardeschi, which makes for quite and exciting and creative front 3.
    That being said, if he doesn't play well he's likely to drop, although at his age and with his talent I dare say he'll make up for it and more over the next few years.

  • Unless you got on yesterday then don't bother, unless you are buying as a long term hold of course.
    Odds are he'll drop off slightly again unless he does something spectacular tonight.
    I'm expecting Dybala to start and play 50/60 min if Juve are leading 2-0, Kean should play whole 90min unless it's not going as planned, then he'll need to risk the big boys.

  • @Weedster said in Moise Kean?:

    .he may score a hat trick ha.

    Looking like a very good shout now! Well played, raking it in.

  • 1 pass of the ball, 2 goals haha

  • Shame it's a single bonus day !!

  • @TheFearlessFox said in Moise Kean?:

    Shame it's a single bonus day !!

    He's not even leading with 2 goals plus GWG

  • @Andy-M
    mad how the PB scoring system works.
    Kruse scored a penalty and is leading the charts
    Moise has 2goals+ GWG

  • @Weedster @Vespasian32 @GregF
    This might be a stupid question, I'm a relatively new user so bare with me. I keep hearing a player is good for PB. But when I check their PB record I usually find that they've won PB mabye 2/3 times in the last 2 years. Why is it relevant if a player puts up high PB's scores regularly but rarely win it?

  • @NewUser280785 maybe the times he puts up big scores he's been beaten by a super score, it's just bad luck, obviously if you're putting up big scores often then you'll eventually win some.

  • @Andy-M
    it seems like you have to own hundreds of shares in dozens of players to withstand any chance of winning PB on a regular basis and actually make a decent ROI from divs.
    The very best PB ranked players don't win it more than a handful of times per year. I'm always amazed when I see some FI users have made thousands off PB/MB divs as in my time on FI I've noticed that's difficult to predict PB winners, and even more baffling how some people win it on a consistent basis.

  • @NewUser280785 said in Moise Kean?:

    mad how the PB scoring system works.
    Kruse scored a penalty and is leading the charts
    Moise has 2goals+ GWG

    If you go and check the statistics what Kean has done tonight compared to what Max Kruse has done then you'll understand why Kean will possibly struggle with PB,
    Kruse as i write, 1 goal 1 assist, 48 accurate passes, 7 crosses 5 accurate, 5 shots 2 on target, 7 recoveries, 2 accurate tackles.

    Kean 2 shots on target, 2 goals including GWG, 1 cross not accurate, 9 accurate passes, 0 tackles, 2 recoveries.

  • @Andy-M
    Brilliant explanation
    Where do you check those stats?

  • @NewUser280785 it's called FotMob mate, download the App 👌🏻

  • @Andy-M cheers, looks a great app.

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