Am I going mad about these averages in the portfolio?

  • Hopefully just an exhausted maths mind but...

    Had 5 Rudigers at average cost of 208p, all bought at the same time.
    His price today went to 206p so I went to double up to get more futures and lower my average cost to hasn't.
    5x208 = 1040p
    5x206 = 1030p
    2070p / 10 = 207p
    I even bought an extra future to see if that tilted it, but hasn't.

    It shows 11 futures at 22.88 = 208 cost.

    I've long suspected the averages don't always seem to work, but settled that the odd round up or down was the cause.

    What am I missing? I didn't accept price movement, and price hasn't moved.

    Its only loose dividends change I'm spending here, but I've never even thought to or been bothered checking my bigger holds averages are correct...

  • @Westy

    Surprised it doesn't work out on such small numbers of futures but when buying 100 it often covers at least a couple of different prices within the price but seems to average out correctly eventually & given you weren't buying in a fast moving market when other simultaneous trades might have pushed the price against you even more surprising. On the brightside a couple of p either way won't change your life, so as long as the debit/credit trail all adds up correctly not too much to worry about.

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