Ranieri to Roma? Monchi to Arsenal?

  • Thoughts on this and its impact?


    From being sacked by Fulham to manager of Roma in the space of a few weeks.

    Any thoughts on the impact it will have on the players? And Monchi leaving, possibly for Arsenal...

    Tactics. I'm not overly familiar with Ranieri's style. Would you say it's defensive, suited to Serie A? Or more likely to suit the attacking players?

    Zaniolo. Huge talent. Missed his rise in the last few months. Possible summer transfer spec if they don't make Champions League? Monchi to persuade him to join him at Arsenal perhaps?

    Dzeko. Can be a good dividend returner on his day and seemed to always perform in the CL earlier in the season. Getting on a bit, so may look to replace?

    Manolos. A lot of transfer spec in recent years.

    Pellegrini. Not really doing much for me currently in my portfolio but big potential and his game would appear to suit the scoring matrix?

  • Manolas and Sokratis perfectenshlaag.

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