Chelsea Transfer Ban (Part 2)

  • Looks like the appeal has been rejected.

    Abraham & CHO have been the fastest risers following this news

    Which other players are likely to benefit the most?

  • Oh so that is why Tammy flew so much, I have been googling trying to find out transfer news the last 20 mins.

  • Wonder what it means for Hazards value now?

  • Appeal not determined but ban is to take effect this summer, pending the appeal. Quite a surprise and good news for CHO, Loftus-Cheek and Abraham holders. Chelsea forced finally to put their trust in youth perhaps - might be healthy for the club. And a 2 window transfer absence hasn't done Spurs much harm.

  • @Chris-J said in Chelsea Transfer Ban (Part 2):

    Which other players are likely to benefit the most?

    Loftus-Cheek surely - so much potential. Hazard is an interesting one, could go either way but reduced MB may hit his price unless he starts hitting some big PB scores soon.

  • Oh I though OP meant the appeal had been turned down, but that is not the case.

    Tammy Abraham has moved +40p last 7 days, mainly due to transfer speculation to Germany I think.

    I don't think the ban will be upheld, rich clubs have a way around all these rules generally

  • @MrWh1te Yea my bad - I barely read any football news now, I just see a headline and jump straight onto Football Index

  • Just reading up on the ruling - Chelsea can still appeal to the CAS & if successful can still sign players in the summer.

    Even if unsuccessful, they can still sell assets, so I don't think Hazard's MB potential with the proposed Madrid move will be affected.

  • All current first teamer's should benefit as they are likely to remain starters but AIUI they have 50/60 various other players out on loan so not as though they will be running short of bodies anytime soon! More likely that Sarri will avoid the sack (which big name is likely to want a job with no transfers allowed?) so might actually be bad news for the youth that he is resolutely refusing to play currently.

  • @Ericali said in Chelsea Transfer Ban (Part 2):

    Even if unsuccessful, they can still sell assets, so I don't think Hazard's MB potential with the proposed Madrid move will be affected.

    Surely they won't sell Hazard without being able to replace him?

  • @Hotspur well with 18 months on his contract before he leaves on a free & him being a 100m asset this summer they would effectively be paying £33,333,333 every 6 months to "loan" him. 🙄

    Oh .... Plus his wage! 👍

  • Depends if they can convince him to sign a new deal @Hotspur. Regardless of being able to sign a replacement it's potentially £50million - £100million in lost revenue if they let him leave for free in the next 18 months (or whenever it is) when his contract runs out.

  • @LukeMalla how much is CL football worth though? Might struggle to make top 4 next year without him. They won't sell this summer now, could still command a big fee in January.

  • @Hotspur
    They didnt make it this year and are struggling to qualify for next year with him so maybe if they don't make it selling hazard makes up the lost revenue.

  • I understand your angle on this subject @Hotspur, I really do. But whichever way you sell it I honestly just cannot see him being in a Chelsea shirt next season.

    Whether that'll be good or bad for his FI price I honestly have no idea. But that's a different subject really.

  • @LukeMalla Pulisic has already been signed & Hudson-Odoi is young & wanting game time.

    There not exactly short in the wide positions either with Willian & Pedro still at the club.

    Hazard will be long gone - a lot of posturing over the summer with a lot of MB potential but Madrid & Chelsea will eventually reach a compromise

  • I imagine this will increase the MB saga with Hazard as he will still want out and they are allowed to sell but they wont want to...player strike is big for MB look at Ozil mb wins...

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