Jack Clarke or Tammy Abraham?

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    Who would you lump on, if you had to choose?

    (Disclaimer: I hold both)

    Both at decent teams, both big prospects.
    Tammy is already signed to a prem league team and almost guaranteed to be in a top league next season, but is 35p cheaper.

    Tammy under-valued, or Clarke over-valued?

  • @MrWh1te I dont hold either as they aren't really the sort of players i look for. given than Abraham has already gone up 20p today you might be a bit late?

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    @NewUser731 said in Jack Clarke or Tammy Abraham?:

    @MrWh1te given than Abraham has already gone up 20p today you might be a bit late?

    I hold both and won't be selling, was looking more at a conversation that will give insight into people's thought processing when playing on here :)

  • @MrWh1te Absolutely. If you got on early i would keep the hold - what have you got to lose. Just getting involved on another rise increases the chance of a loss.

  • @MrWh1te i haven’t seen clark play so i dont hold but i was really impressed with Abraham when watching him and i intend to hold i know hes in the championship so its harder to judge his ability but he plays like i expected CHO to play like. I also hold CHO so im not being negative i just thought Abraham plays like CHO hype suggested he’d play.

  • I’m a Leeds season ticket holder & haven’t gone with any futures on Jack Clarke because the price is too much in my opinion.
    Tammy Abraham is the better investment if the 2

  • Tammy Abraham every single time. I know he’s risen about 5% today but doesn’t mean you’ve missed the boat. Scored over 20 goals this season for Villa in mid table and surrounded by team mates not to his level. I personally think what he’s done is quite an achievement in the circumstances.

  • @MrWh1te if abraham goes to Germany he'll easily be over £4.

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    @Stevo Aye I agree, and I can totally see him fitting in there.

    I now have 50 of him now, bought at £2.68 and will not be selling those shares for the foreseeable future.

    People don't seem so keen on Clarke, who is more expensive. I have 15 of him only, and keep changing my mind between buying more or sitting tight.

  • Tough call man.

    I have some Jack Clarke futures.

    The way I see it, Leeds going back to the Premiership would be a huge story and lots of eyes will be the club next season (if it actually happens). Think about the next Man Utd vs Leeds game or Leeds vs Chelsea, or Liverpool, etc.

    Leeds are like a forgotten club but after 15 years of hurt, if the Mighty Whites finally march back on to the Premier League, fans will come out of the woodwork and all of the old rivalries will flare up in the media. A wonderkid like Clarke, could pick up some MB especially as there's already interest from the likes of Man City.

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