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  • Hi guys, I joined 6 weeks ago with a net deposit of 2k, mainly invested in youth with a view to capital growth over 2-3 years.

    It is working well with just over 10% profit so far, but in view of the upcoming SS, I want to diversify and have an additional 1k to spend on players (still youth if possible) that actually also win dividends, or at least have the game to suit FI and win dividends in the future.

    Does anybody know which style of player (with examples) will suit the index moving forward? Obviously I know Messi wins frequently but I'd still like a little capital growth as I still won't be flipping players.


  • Your user name is 36408 suggesting you joined about 2 and half years ago?
    Just interested..

  • Milot Rashica has been decent for me. He was on course for PB a couple of games ago when he scored in the first half but went off injured. He won star player last night. Is pretty young. Think he's about 1.55 or something at the moment. Obviously do your own research and stuff first though.

  • @Tom77 technically yes, that lasted 2 days before I decided it wasn't for me. Good observation skills though 👍

  • @AlexBolton93 yes I already have 125 shares in him at 1.25. Part of the long term youth setup I already have going

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