Pumpers and dumpers

  • You know who you are, the guys who keep bulk buying the dross at less than 50p to hugely raise the price, duping newbies out of their money then dropping, you are ruining the platform and scaring off potential new money and users. You are scum. Please stop. That is all.

  • @Stevo

    I am absolutely not one of these people but anybody that follows risers that they’ve never heard of will lose their money anyway and scare themselves off.

  • @Stevo To be honest mate i don't think those idiots are looking at the Forum, I'm sure they are not even that intrested in football.

  • Or it could be seen as a positive, you have to get burnt to know not to go anyway near there again.. do you remember the first time you got burnt with the iron lol?.. it’s a shitty thing that this will happen but that’s how they will learn.. it happened to me when I first started and it was my fault nobody told me to buy a friggin Israeli 35yr old part time defender

  • @Andy-M well I thought as I was typing this that they probably won't be on the forum but decided to post it anyway.

    I appreciate we are all here to make money but FI is like a community if you ask me and I don't want people burning the little guys.

  • if FI dont care why should we ?

  • @Stevo

    I often wonder just how much a pump and dumper on here actually benefits.

    Could it be that most actually end up losing money?

  • @Dan-The-Man said in Pumpers and dumpers:


    I often wonder just how much a pump and dumper on here actually benefits.

    Could it be that most actually end up losing money?

    A couple of quid each time at best - and that’s if it goes to plan which it doesn’t most of the time.

  • I am pretty sure it is bots and they are making a LOT of money.

  • @MrWh1te

    My initial thoughts were that it's bots... but I think if it were a 'sure thing', with big profits, we'd see it way more often than we do.

    I could be wrong. Maybe I just miss most of it.

  • Gimme an hour or so, im playing snakes and ladders with the kids atm, but I will show you the maths that prove it.
    My belief is that bots are prevalent on this site and it is the biggest threat to its existence. I also believe FI are letting it happen as all the commission = easy money for them.

    I am very close to going on a 'bot crusade' and if I lose it, I will be out of here.

  • You'd have my support in the Bot Crusade, @MrWh1te.

    IPOs are absolutely fucking ridiculous because of the bots here, I tried a few when I first joined but have steered clear ever since and just play the long game where new players are concerned and try to jump on any that interest me once they've been around for atleast a week (usually longer) and I've seen a levelling/bottoming out of their price.

    This should be top of FIs list, once the SS is sorted.

  • @RickYNWA I understand what you're saying but if you join something new and put your money into and get stung immediately I'd probably think it was dodgy and not bother with it again.

  • @Stevo yh that’s a problem.. that’s why I hope new users have knowledge on football and read threads such as this one

  • FI could weed them out in minutes if they wanted to. Follow the money. Any consistent big buyer at bottom prices is suspect. Sorted, do it!

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