IPO’s and “bots”

  • I’ve only been on here a month and by far the worst thing about FI is the IPO’s. As far as I can work out theres bots buying up the IPO’s and normal human beings have absolutely no chance to buy anywhere near the introductory price, it’s not a level playing field at all. Human beings cash is what liquidates the market and keeps FI growing not these robots. If there isn’t a way of protecting the human side of FI then introduce the IPO’s at a projected price and let’s see if these bots still buy them all up then we can at least get a fairer price after a short while of them being on the market.

  • Yeah the IPO system is a bit of a joke. For me when a player goes live on the index, if you want to buy shares you should have to enter a CAPTCHA before confirmation for the first 24 hours since he went live

  • @Static yes that sounds a good idea. Somthing needs to be done tho cos it’s ruining the fun of FI.

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