James Maddison underpriced ??

  • Just thinking back to the beginning of the season and remembering everyone thinking he was the next bla bla bla priced player, still think he's well underpriced, he actually suits the PB system perfectly, free kick taker, takes corners from both sides even if it's consecutive corners on opposite sides, involved in everything, not sure what he's not involved in tbh, I think the only reason his price has slowed down is because Leicester have been poop, the next 6 games in the EPL plus possible involvement for England in March could see a wee rise, yes I do own some shares, yes I'd like to see some pump, but this is more for people to not miss out, obviously do your own research and don't just rely on what i say, but this is what I'm expecting.
    And remember it's only 100's that will probably read this so can hardly expect my advise to have huge effects, we are currently 300k + on FI, good luck trading.

    Next 6 games


  • I agree - I got on him as soon as Rodgers was announced and saw the upcoming fixture list.

    There is also a real lack of midfield creativity in the England squad so he should become a regular if Rodgers can get them playing some decent football.

  • I think he’s a great player. Think he’s got 5 assists all season should be much more with the amount of chances he creates every game. I’m certain he will end up at a massive team in time

  • I like Maddison, Barnes and Chilwell from Leicester's current side.

    Monitored all 3 since I joined FI, and got on Barnes and Chilwell as soon as Puel got the chop. If I had more money available I'd have gotten on Maddison too. The ex-gaffer's boring style of football was stifling Barnes and Maddison for sure. If Rodgers has anything about him he'll have put an arm around those two, and Vardy, and said "you guys are absolutely key to this team's attacking ambitions. Trust me and I'll trust in you".

    They're 21 points off Chelski in 6th place atm. That's far too much. Leicester aren't as bad as their league position/points tally suggests.

  • Got a sneaky feeling that he'll do the business today and this post might just be top of todays posts 😉

  • Agree with OP... I've held in FI for a while and he's in my fantasy football team

  • Solid debut season in the Prem, the coaching staff will get his fitness levels to the required levels needed for Prem and think you'll see him even better and more consistent next season. His first touch is arguably as good I have seen since when Jack Wiltshire was playing at his top level in the early part of his career..........

  • Shame he didn't score today, but 151 pb from 80min without even scoring, now that's pretty damn impressive.

  • I think he's great value, just needs to add a few more goals now and he'll rocket up! Think Rodgers will have him on pens soon too as vardy misses to many

  • Agree he’s a good choice. Just got on Tielemans yesterday too as thought he looked good and another player who should fit the PB matrix. Could be a lot of good options in this Leicester team. The defenders would be decent if they could start keeping clean sheets!

  • Yea i bought maddison barnes vardy gray and tielemans yesterday expecting them to go on a run which they started nicely

  • @Indexical Also thought Tielemans looked good yesterday in the 1st half, but once Fulham actually started playing then he was pretty invisible, but Maddison seemed to grow from the pressure from Fulham.
    Wonder if Leicester can manage to keep him beyond the summer, would be great for them.

  • the next fixtures should really be good for maddison.

    1. Burnley - Could be tough but they looked really sloppy against liverpool and struggled when the front three got inbetween the lines, with the threat of vardy in behind their should be a lot of space for him.
    2. bourenmouth at home. Bournemouth are terrible away from home, literally dreadful.
    3. huddersfield.... just terrible
    4. newcastle 5 westham both average tbh

    Leicester should be getting ten points from that with new manager boost and no cup games. Maddison tielmans vardy should be at the heart of that.

  • Expect most of our attackers to hit the headlines in the coming weeks. The ones to be wary of is Deme Gray, whom has faltered to decieve a few too many times and expect Rogers to do the necessary and sell or send him on loan in the summer, unless the coaches can unleash the pace and undoubtedly ability he appears to have.

    Very lucky to have Ndidi in the middle of the park and the arguably our best DM is Hamza Choudry, whom most of the faithful are crying out for him to be on the bench at least, another local boy with immense potential and a future England cap in the making !!!

  • i too think he could be a great buy before SS. the only thing i worry about is who in the top 200 is he comparable too? Christian Eriksen? he's only on £4.66 so what heights can we hope for with Maddison?

  • @NewUser297399 Also with lallana and lingard and dele all coming back from injury does he really stand a chance in the england setup.

  • @NewUser297399 said in James Maddison underpriced ??:

    i too think he could be a great buy before SS. the only thing i worry about is who in the top 200 is he comparable too? Christian Eriksen? he's only on £4.66 so what heights can we hope for with Maddison?

    Did u just compare a 22 year old English with a 27 year old Dane ?? How dare you 🤣🤣 in football terms Eriksen is cheap, in FI terms he's about right, Maddison will no doubt be double the price of Eriksen in 6 months mate.

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