• Can anyone explain why there is always a rush to buy when someone tops the PB list. Everyone is aware of how good Kimmich is at PB but by buying now you don’t receive PB???

  • You recieve the GNA divs. So some might have been thinking of getting him, and then it's like an introductory bonus.

    Or like me, topped up when he was at a peak and doubted he was worth it since, but have got more evidence to say top up again today.

  • Reliable dividend returner, should be atleast £10 if you ask me! Or pay similar prices for people who don’t get on the team sheet haha

  • People removing from sell queue so they don’t miss out on dividends.

  • His price was dropping. Scoring a goal and topping PB will see it rise again. So yeah this and all the reasons above

  • I paid £7.15 for him, could do with him rising a bit more.

  • Now he’s no longer won defender PB he will drop. 😂 despite being the best Pb defender on FI

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