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  • Searched for topic but couldn't find anything, well now 1 exists.
    I'm pretty confused to why his score is dropping off slightly recently, the amount of dividends he's been getting recently is incredible, do people thinkit's a bit of fear after watching Ronaldo fall like he has ??
    I'm sure Messi has 3 or 4 years left at Barcelona, and at least 2 years at his best.

  • I bought just this week... Doesnt really concern me that he's dropped 11p already. G n a goldmine plus probably return some divs. He's younger than Ronaldo and wil continue to be the world's best player for years to come. He's a lot more versatile than Ronaldo and will easily slip into an Iniesta type role if Barcelona were to decide they needed fresh legs upfront. Think we are a couple of seasons off that though given his current form.

  • I sold a while back but instantly regretted it when my divs dried up. So got back on with 250 shares after Xmas. Just a few games ago he had 3 PB wins in 3 games. The only other person on the index that could do that would be Neymar. He’s 2 years younger than Ronaldo and no rape claims against him. With his economic style of play- wandering around racking up the passes, taking freekicks, penalties no reason he can’t be a PB monster for another 2/3 years.

  • I absolutely agree with all the arguments for Messi. He really is a dream for picking up dividends. The reason I haven't invested is that i don't want to be fighting capital depreciation. Like any bet I like to have time working in my favour ( I always liked a handicap bet on the football). As I say, i see all the positives but just giving the argument for the other side.

  • His performances of the last 4 weeks have been nothing short of outstanding and yet in that time his price has dropped.

    I sold up a couple of weeks ago for the very reason we are seeing now
    i fear that If he doesn't put in a ridiculous performance like he did against Seville away his price will continue to slowly drop.
    I believe we have reached a point where you will only make profit on his PB dividends which great as he is, over a 3 year period from now will be negated by any capital depreciation.

  • @Advinculas-Index to counter that argument my good man. 😉 He might not make massive capital appreciation that some of the younger fry may make, but I don’t believe he will go down in value, purely because the Index is growing considerably month on month. There is a very good chance he could be £20 ( in today’s money) in a years time, purely on Index growth. Plus you would have reaped a bucket load of money in dividends. If u see how well Ronaldo is playing still and he is 2 years older, there’s no reason he can’t be exceptional for another 3 years. Let’s also remember that Ronaldo’s was growing fast in capital appreciation until his rape claims. There is still lots of money to be made on the little master IMO.

  • If dividends are increased with the Share Split then I could see Messi rising steadily again as he's the closest to a sure thing for dividends that you're going to get. Right now the dividend yield even for Messi is not seen as attractive to new users because you could make huge capital appreciation by jumping on and off whoever the new young prospect is.

    We need dividends to be increased, so that these are the main driving force of the market again - it's the only approach that makes sense for FI to be sustainable long term. If/when this happens, I see Messi stabilising and rising steadily again.

  • @Valhalla @Advinculas-Index

    It is no doubt that Messi PB is the best in the index, but I have to agree with AI, he is a very risky investment.

    You can take Ronaldo as a good reference. Messi is 2 years younger, but £8.30 more expensive. If Messi follows the same path as Ronaldo, can he earn £8.30 of dividends in the next 2 years? Statistics show that it is very difficult: he has earned £4.88 in total in FI so far! Another risk is that his prime time in FI is the last 2-3 years, not the coming 2-3 years.

  • @Victory follow the same path? What, of getting accused of rape and his price crashing from £13+? I think u can spot the flaw in your logic there. You can’t compare Messi’s price now with ronaldo’s price. Ronaldo has multiple rape charges over his head which could see his value struck to £0. So that is a non starter.
    Take a look at Ronaldo’s price rise before the rape allegations. Ppl are getting jittery because Messi’s nemesis has crashed. It makes me smile that the moment ppl suddenly start saying Messi is a “risky hold” coincides exactly with Ronaldo’s rape charges. Ppl are sheep. Ppl have emotions. Markets are influenced by emotions. If those rape allegations hadn’t come out against ronaldo, Messi would probably be around £18 now.

  • @Valhalla If you read carefully, you will see that I do not compare their prices now. I compare the price of Messi in 2 years and the price of Ronaldo now.

  • @Victory so in 2 years Messi will be accused of rape and his price will fall by over half? This what you are implying mate 🤷🏼‍♂️I just don’t follow your logic.

  • Perhaps if he got a career threatening injury maybe. But rape allegations I think u can say Messi is fairly safe 😇

  • If we are gonna he compare what Messi could be in two years time it would be more realistic to compare what Ronaldo would have been without the rape allegations. And following his price graph it would be one the most expensive players on the index at about £18. His remarkable dividend return would justify that.

  • didn't he recently announce he's back for Argentina?? i think a pretty safe hold for mid term traders that will hold for a year or six months at a time as he guarantees the odd PB win and if you want a 30 day goalscorer to boost your returns there's no better in world football...

    I see the risk in his price dropping but don't see it as sudden as Ronaldo who lets face it has dropped £6 in six months.... Messi won't have the same allegations and anyone with any sense wouldn't have lost huge amounts on Ronaldo if they got out at a reasonable time.

    I wouldn't say i see any value in Messi at £15+ as he is higher risk for his age... but might be more interested when that risk lowers to £3-4 a share post split... He could still return you a few quid on growth alone!!!!

  • @Valhalla said in Leo Messi:

    Perhaps if he got a career threatening injury maybe. But rape allegations I think u can say Messi is fairly safe 😇

    @Valhalla said in Leo Messi:

    @Victory so in 2 years Messi will be accused of rape and his price will fall by over half? This what you are implying mate 🤷🏼‍♂️I just don’t follow your logic.

    Can Messi fall by over half in the next 2 years? Getting an injury? Going to US/Argentina? Nobody knows for sure. However, I 've seen Ronaldo falling by half in 6 months for no reason but aging!

  • @Victory come on.... you can't say Ronaldo leaving the worlds (2nd) most media friendly club for guaranteed titles in Italy and a certain small allegation that has threatened him with imprisonment has not also got something to do with it???

    This drop of 'half his value' has been slowly over six months... if you didn't see it coming you might need to get to specsavers????

  • @dannypea I agree with everything you said. I don't say Ronaldo is leaving the world. Just say his price drops though he is doing well. The only reason for that is "aging", which is itself a slow process, mate.

  • @Victory mate come on 😏 it’s the rape allegations. If he gets found guilty and banged up you lose every penny. That is why he has plummeted. That is why I sold 300 shares and I’m sure that is why most ppl sold. He doesn’t drop £13 to £6 because ppl suddenly woke up and realised “hey, this guys actually 34! Better ring my mate, he may not know!”
    His age definitively played a part too, but without the rape allegations he’d be up there.

  • Another massive pb score without gwg. Man should be king of the Index.

  • Sick, dividends virtually every time he plays, 2 goals and 2 assists and goes up a few pennies 🤦🏻‍♂️ let's hope that the SS sorts that shit out.

    Why you writing on 2 different Messi posts mate @Valhalla 😉

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