Grealish attack

  • Scandalous MB would been sewn up for him already

  • So scary for him too. That thug could easily have had a knife etc. A credit to how well he reacted.
    Well played to the other players who intervened too.

    Why the guy thought he could celebrate as he was being taken off I will never know, he will now face a life time ban, a prison sentence and the shame of being 'that guy'.

    Lock him up for a long time imo.

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  • Scumbag that did it but great for my portfolio.

  • He probably holds a substantial number of Grealish

  • I actually think pr stunts like this could become a thing. Altho does this actually have anything to do with football so it might be discounted...?? maybe? im fuzzy on rules?

  • A 57p rise for an already overpriced championship player who recently signed a 5 year contract, that's almost as crazy as the attacker. I'm predicting 2 media days at best but then they'll be the drop off and commission to sell.

  • Wherever betting or trading is concerned there are always knee-jerk overreactions.

  • What a quality response from the lad, awesome post match interview.

  • Currently trading at £3.90, thoughts on whether he’s likely to rise?

  • Think he probably had his rise for today and will start dropping again shortly.

    Wish I piled in when it first happened ;p

  • @nally93 van dijk signed a 5year deal at southampton and 6 months later was at Liverpool and same goes for mahrez contracts mean nothing and spurs wanted him in the summer so mediocre is making you sound like a Birmingham fan

  • I got in relatively late and only small time at £3.70 hoping for a rise to £4 to quickly flip. Haven’t quite got timing down to a fine art yet

  • Boyos getting a jail sentence for sure. With crowd violence and this sort of nonsense receiving more and more press attention, it was only a matter of time before some tit went and did this.

    He will be looking at a 5 year sentence, as a warning to any others that behave like animals.

    Alcohol, when combined with a mob mentality, is fucking fearsome.

  • I know the few of you who have this guy would be disappointed but FI should deduct the media from him because some looney will get it in his head that it's a quick way to make a lot of money.

  • @Jad1982 Sure you can still leave after signing a contract but it makes it unlikelier, and then there's the question whether he's even PL standard. Van Dijk was known to be a very good PL player, Grealish is an attacking midfielder at a top championship club and only averages a goal around every 600 minutes based on the last 2 seasons.

  • @Dan-The-Man

    Haha maybe he was ahead of the game ... and was sitting on 600 futures in Grealish. If so, it's one of the most aggressive 'pump n dumps' in the history of the index!!

    Actually, I haven't heard from @Andy-M in a while ...

    Probably no wifi in his jail cell! 🤣

  • @nally93 for a start villa are not a top championship side cos if they were they would have been promoted last season and they ain't even in a playoff spot this season which he has missed quite a bit of and spurs weren't offering 30mil just to have him model the kit for them he would have been there right up there with their record signings and watch him never mind the stats best by far the best player in that league

  • @Jad1982
    Freakish wouldn't even get in the championship team of the season. On stats/consistent performances. 1 good goal last week and a goal in a derby dnt get carried away.


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