Luis Alberto Missing?

  • Is anyone else able to find this guy?

    He appears in the search suggestions but I can’t see his profile.

    Back in the starting 11 after his recent injury and wanted to check his price graph.

  • 0_1552243906251_upload-e6e7e983-9f08-4b5d-b8f9-52c3481f119e

    Apparently he’s fallen foul, like so many, of Felipe Anderson’s Vampirism

  • He's in the Top 200

  • It's common.
    It's likely that you've clicked him in the search suggestions, in that same moment someone has moved by a penny and changed the order of listings.
    Happens to me often, just make a note of the price at the top of the search results displayed. Player you're trying to find is probably a penny higher or lower and found a few names up or down.
    Make a note of the prices displayed from search.
    Set filter to "highest price", then scroll through until you get to that price range earlier noted, he'll be there or thereabout give or take a couple of pennies.

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