Dele Alli

  • Is he undervalued or where he should be ? and if spurs fail this season surely he's gonna move on

  • I reckon he's at the right price at the moment but if you think he's gonna get back to form after injury and start assisting and scoring then by all means buy him.
    He'll certainly garner some attention from the market if he can help spurs stop slipping down the table or if he puts in a big champions league performance.
    Whether he moves on from spurs is a much bigger question.
    Too many unknown factors to attempt to answer. Certainly will be the focus of some Mb either way I reckon.

  • Definitley undervalued but not had the best season; stop start with injuries and as a result only played will have played half as many games as last year. When fit and playing regularly he scores and sets up goals plus if you think to after the Share Split he will be approx £1.25 which is a steal, hoping new investors think the same. For me he is a hold as in the worst case Spurs continue to not win trophies there will be transfer speculation to add in.

  • I make his value to be a little over £8 in the current market, so for me he's a hold.

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