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  • Hi, I’m a bit new to the app so bare with me.
    I’ve read a little about the split share and I’ve found that the players will go to 1/4 of their price to make them more affordable. But the dividends are also being reduced so that makes it sound pretty pointless as the players will go back up in price because people will rush to buy... but you’re only earning a little amount because of reduced dividends right?
    It seems a little pointless if they don’t increase dividends. I may be completely wrong but that’s what I think.
    Is there any way you can properly benefit from the split long term if they don’t increase dividends?

  • Correct. The dividends will be split 4 ways too. But they will make players more affordable. And in a few months, perhaps before the end of the year, dividends will go up again. So stock up while they are affordable. As you’ll effectively be quadrupling the size of your portfolio when the dividends go back up. It’s one big cycle. It happened 2 years ago as well.

  • @Valhalla I like the optimism, I have a very similar mindset. I believe that somewhere down the line in about 1year we'll be right back where we left off before the share split so I'm working hard to generate cash and stock up on shares in the big boys now while they're affordable. My plan is to own 100 shares in each Pogba, Mbappe, Neymar, Sancho and a few of the other top 25 players as I feel when/if they shares are back to the same prices as they are now then I'll be effectively quadrupling my money. If they shares remain the same then I won't have lost anything as I highly doubt football index as a whole will regress in a years, it's on the up at the moment and I see it staying that way for the foreseeable future.

  • @NewUser280785 absolutely. If you think how many ppl still don’t know about FI, you could make an argument it’s still in its infancy. And in an ideal world, like u say, in a year or so we’ll be back in the same place but with quadruple the shares. This is partly why some ppl have such portfolios- it was quardrupled by the last share split.

  • @Valhalla
    I signed up just last month and I count myself very fortunate to have gotten a month experience before the share split. Now I know exactly what I need to do in order to take full advantage of the share split so in a years time I will reap the rewards. And I fully agree that it's still in it's infancy. I find that whenever I bring up the topic of FI down at my local pub, not many people have heard of it. And these are regular pub goers and serious football fans, not to mention they've been betting for decades now. I feel once FI reaches out to those type of people, it will become massive in this country and who knows? maybe even world wide somewhere down the line.
    I have a few mates that got into crypto currency when it was in it's absolute infancy and they're after making some serious cash just by picking a few bitcoins when the were worthless and held them for years until bitcoin got massive. They obviously couldn't have predict how massive bitcoin was to become but they had belief in the system and they stuck with their instinct.
    I feel were at this point now on football index where if you invest in the right players and just hold them for years then you will have a huge potential to quadruple your money at the very least. Not to mention that it's very enjoyable to trade on the index, formulating theories on which players will increase in value based on news sources and watching them perform on the pitch. So I'm essentially making money from being a football fan.

  • Could the split be happening today ? Just my thoughts caught be surprise 🤷‍♂️

  • @NewUser92251
    18th march =announcement about share split and dividends
    18th-26th = market suspension until
    26th = share split
    As far as I know that's the plan

  • Can anyone tell me if they thinks it's best to buy now before share split or wait till after ? or will it make no difference as I can buy the players I want for cheaper after

  • @Jad1982 my own opinion is buy now but that’s because I don’t plan on being ready to buy the second the share split happens.
    If you could ensure you’re going to be the first in the queue to buy for all the futures you want then it makes no difference either way but because I think that’s impossible I’ve done all my business now!

  • @NewUser280785 absolutely. ;) my thoughts exactly. There aren’t many hobbies were you can be paid for doing them. Watching footy all of a sudden becomes potentially money making. 😄And the more you research and increase your football knowledge the better your returns. It’s a very clever product with infinite potential.

  • @Stuart-H nice one mate and you'reprobably right the bots will kill it for the rest of us as usual

  • My strategy is to have a diverse share split portfolio, with a litte money on the side to react to any major changes (which I don't anticipate to be honest).

    At the end of the day, the value you have now will be exactly the same after the split - the dividend table release on the 18th is what will have most effect.

  • I've been trading just over a month now and a little confused with the Share Split. I understand that all of my 20 shares of Harry Kane will get doubled or quadrupled but valued less but still totalling up the same.

    What i dont understand is the dividends. Is the dividends less for just the shares you currently own or is the plan to reduce the dividends for everyone going forward?


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