Kieran Tierney

  • Kids gonna be a quality left back. not a chance celtic will be able to keep hold of him. The obvious club thats likely to come in is leicester as i doubt they will be able to hang on to Chillwell but if they dont get him someone else is going to snap him up.

  • @Pimpmaster For Sure..Kids going to go far.Hopefully a bidding war will pump up his price.Big jump up today.Good value Short term and long

  • He has serious injury problems so I would hang fire until he is back playing regularly.

  • @Comrade Don't think a hernia is serious tbf

  • @NewUser366897

    I would however be worried about his hip issues.

  • Being reported this morning Arsenal are ready to offer player plus cash for Tierney

  • Whoever gets him is getting another potential Robertson, him and chilwell are gonna be the two most in demand left backs this summer

  • @NewUser356207 Why Robertson? Lots of threads about him on here. He is one of my favourite players and I took the painful decision that I was wrong to hold 200 of him and traded him for Laporte.

    The stats don't lie. MB players have a chance to win 365 days of the year. He is a nice quiet Scottish guy in an English media. He has never won a MB penny. Unless he is involved in someone else's story (horror leg break for Sterling, on field dispute with VVD) he never will be.

    PB players have a chance about 60 times a year. Scottish player so make that about 48. Minus a few injuries, rests and suspensions. His big problem is he is usually outscored by VVD and TTA. If he cannot beat his own team mates he is never going to win much. He has never won a PB penny. If other 2 are out he might have a chance.

    I love him but he is over priced IMO. I traded but might buy in for short hold and IPD's.

    All just opinions. Do your research and make your own choices. Good luck!

  • £15 Million bid from Arsenal rejected by Celtic who value Tierney at £25 Million. Im not a Celtic fan however from what I'be seen of Tierney he's a standout within Celtics starting 11, I actually believe when hes on top form he is better than Roberston, hes more technically gifted with his natural abilty showing in every game he plays. If Arsenal nick him for say £20M it will IMO be one of the deals of the summer, Tierney could play in any EPL starting 11, rumours emerging Napoli are sniffing about also.

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