Dividend Error

  • @Stocks-and-Rocks that's incorrect mate, the game can be at 8pm and he's still eligible. It's because you bought him after 2pm. For MB and PB divs you have to own the share before 2pm. Inplay divs can be bought anytime that day. Both need to be held until after 12 the same night for the payout

  • @Stocks-and-Rocks not sure about that mate, I believe they're still eligible, it's just if you bought after 2pm

  • ah thanks didn't know that

  • At least you've been paid... On the app it's showing as if yesterday was triple media day... With grealish, hazard and mane the beneficiaries.

    Serious fuck up either way.

  • @Comrade said in Dividend Error:


    It's not mate.
    Kramaric got top forward and Star player yet I've only got 6p per future

    For me. I’ve got the proper PB payment but it says ‘media dividends’. Got some other problems with the app though

  • Ok just noticed. Market is suspended until 11am for site updates. Check back after then and hopefully sorted

  • Should be 2 payments. 1 for 6p (top player ) and 1 for 12p (top forward)

  • Anyone else had their players in the sell queue cancelled? ? I'm assuming this is to do with the "maintenance" too!

  • A few of my players are in a different order this morning. Haven't noticed any other changes.

  • My dividends summary on the front page of the site is different from the dividend total on the transaction summary - its only 65p but its super annoying!

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