Dele Alli

  • I bought him and he dropped about 7p very quickly.
    I bought him because he just come back from injury and if he gets back into his good form I think his price should shoot up.
    Should I be worried about his price dropping or do people agree that he will shoot up?

  • I think he's had both dip and rise, related to recent injury.

    Beyond this I think you should definitely hold through the coming share split.
    Assuming it splits 4 ways, he's going to look excellent value at £1.25. Wouldn't be at all surprised to see him quickly rise to £2.00, which is around the figure I would value him at.

  • Champs league games, Engerland games, GnA, worth holding.
    All champs lg and Nations league players have potential due to amount of games left to win divs in compared to other players.

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