Bergwijn or Lozano?

  • Which of these two do you think has more potential?

  • @NewUser198049 personally think Lozano has a similar potential to Salah mainly as he is the darling of a football loving 'smaller' nation.

    Think he'll go to a big club this summer and I think he'll be £10 in 12 months. Thjnm bergwijn will be good too but Lozano for me.

  • @NewUser198049
    Lozano all day long for me!!
    Hirving could be on the verge of a huge move. Big clubs sniffing around (from PB league and in my eyes he's monster for PB points). He could also become the greatest Mexico player in recent memory, maybe even in history.
    And he said that after defeat at Wembley v Spurs "I hope that God, some day, gives me a shot at playing in the Premier League," I'll be more then happy if he join PL one day 😁

  • A lot of links to Napoli. Just something to consider. That wouldn’t be the ideal scenario for any holders.

  • Isn't Bergwijn the player that is Being watched by Liverpool and United? He’s far more likely to move to prem than Lozano who I think will move to Spain or Italy

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