Mason Greenwood

  • I have just recently invested in 10 futures of mason Greenwood and I think his price while rise astronomically as some of Manchester United attackers injured or not on good form and need a rest ole has no other choice to start him so thats why I think my fellow traders should buy
    thanks for reading good luck

  • Finally, someone has made a Mason Greenwood thread!

  • I know, most underrated player will be a superstar very very soon.

  • @NewUser308475 Welcome to football index, I hold futures in Greenwood and think he will rise very high be it sooner or later, my advise would be don't panic sell if his price drops a bit or if he isn't in the squad, this is a long term investment.

  • @nally93 thank you for the advice thats precisely why I bought him definitely one for the future

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