• What with the sudden increase in demand for GK's with rumours of their own category, the big 3 in the PL, De Gea, Ederson and Allison are the big guns for those that believe this is a possibility after the SS.

    If it does happen, are Hart(~60p) , Butland(~70p) and Claudio Bravo (~40p) viable options with transfer buzz in the summer possibilities or stick with big guns?

    Albeit these are rumours but interested in people's thoughts

  • @Misto Thanks. Interesting. English, cheap and transfers looming, I'm looking at Hart and Butland after reading that.

  • @PepKelly You forget to mention pickford... always controversy with him!

  • If you look at MB winners currently they are invariably the big guns; Pogba, Neymar, Hazard with only the odd exception like Grealish after being punched & I see little reason for that change. Now if GK got their own category why would that be different? Of course those you mention MAY rise if they have the possibility of MB opened up to them but are unlikely to win any IMHO. Perhaps the big MB guns may actually fall because although likely to still win plenty it will clearly be more difficult when competing against a larger field than just the top 200. I think FI need to handle this very carefully to prevent spooking the MB market but given their poor track record of implementing changes I doubt that they are capable of doing so then we are in for some interesting times.

  • I only see de gea as being a potential challenger to be honest, especially if his contract saga continues much longer. Pickford maybe with the nation's league in the summer and that's about it for me.

  • @Dan-w De Gea is always top dog for keepers, fully agree. I've got a few pickford because he's pretty low risk, and he's likely to make headlines for a penalty save, a wonder save, or simply a save late in the game. All of those things are possible with our defence!

  • Although I'm all for GKs getting their own PB category, I do think on single match days it would be a complete frenzy with people buying 2 or 4 keepers to hedge their bets and get guaranteed dividends, so that would be ridiculous. Thus they should get their own category, but only on treble match days.

    The current rise though I'm sure is just from MB being opened up to all. Whether it will sustain the keepers prices if this is the only change, I don't know.

  • @NewUser159387 i do think that mb should be opened up though. Why should only the top 200 benefit there potentially a 100 or so hidden media gems amongst the squad players that go unnoticed. Pogba got to the price hes at mainly on media whos to say we havent got an untapped media magnet just sitting there only missing out because not enough people have invested

  • @Black-wolf

    I agree but it's the large Pogba holders you need to convince; if his MB wins are diluted then his price ought to collapse & that's not great for them or FI.

  • I feel like hugo lloris gets talked about a lot too.

  • @NewUser159387 i dont think fi will want one player to rake in so many dividends like pogba does ad its not in there favour really they would prefer money was spread around more. At the moment pogba kind of takes advantage of the system we have and makes a lot of players less valuable. If media is tiered on a daily basis i dont think it really devalues the big players as much as it adds value to the rest of the market

  • What about kepa most expensive keeper and doesnโ€™t do as he is told ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • If everyone has a chance in winning MB, it will get diluted. You won't get the same returns. So will it become an issue? Players viewed differently, probably. PB becoming more important.

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