Hazard Investment Back END OF THE SEASON

  • would like to get some different opinions on Hazard with potential PB on late stages of Europa league and MB over the summer surely he wins alot of days ???

  • I hold Eden Hazard. I won't be selling my futures in him anytime soon. He is Chelsea's best player, he has the potential to win PB and he will regularly be in the media either because he is doing well for Chelsea or by having transfer links - Historically he has finished first for MB 44 times.

  • He's a good hold. He should have some good mb for sure.

    The debate over whether he leaves or not and their race for champions league (which is a must if they have any chance of keeping him) means yeh a lot of mb.
    Big games as you mentioned so more mb.
    And everytime chelsea are linked with a forward/hazard replacement hazard will be mentioned so good for mb.
    However Pb and Ipd I don't think will be amazing. I feel like chelsea are quite toothless in the final third but that's my personal opinion.

    All the top players might be a good buy with ss coming up as well tho.

    so in conclusion Good hold probably a good buy.

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