A crazy transfer window?

  • This could be an absolutely crazy window.
    Juve need a revamp
    Real need a revamp
    Man utd are always linked with everyone under the sun and will back ole
    PSG jsut always seem to find more money/others will try and nab their disgruntled players

    That's the four biggest teams in each league right there.

    then you look at the fact that
    chelsea could go wild before ban
    Tottenham could either be picked apart or reinvest
    Ajax will be picked apart like monaco were
    and im sure there are other cases i just feel like this is gonna be the biggest transfer window ever and am not sure how to navigate as havent been here for a transfer season. is it best to diversify with 10-12 players or pick just a few like Kane sancho and hazard and put all mi money in them.

  • @LuaLua good point. It could very interesting this summer. Spread your money over a few of the players to avoid disappointment. I’ve certainly been scratching my head over Bale. Having sold a few months back at a loss I’m really loathed to jump back in. Then again he could be involved in a huge transfer saga.

  • @LuaLua Isn't Chelsea's ban with immediate effect 🤔 and appeal was waved away, so forget any speculation there mate.

  • @Andy-M oh i thought it kicked in 2020. my bad. I guess its all loan stuff for them then.

  • Wait on Zidanes press confrence. He could kill the bale hype with one sentence. I think bale leaves although who wants to buy an injury prone old winger with massive wages? not chelsea dont see why liverpool or mancity would. Utd might but they keep getting burnt on big players sachez di maria ?lukaku kinda and we got plenty up front tottenham return could be done. dont know enough abou the other leagues but i doubt ronaldo wants to link back up with him and nobody in the spanish league seems to like him. Psg maybe? There under a lot of scrutiny fairplay wise tho and wage bill wise but they do like a big name.
    If he is transferred I reckon it gets done fairly swiftly by zidane. Contract could play longer i guess. but I reckon there are better investments out there.

  • @LuaLua

    I don’t think ZZ was a big fan of Bale when he was at the club before

  • think one of the biggest reasons for ZZ leaving was that he didn't want Bale to replace Ronaldo but on the basis he won the Champions League for them after coming on as sub left Zidane in a tricky predicament... Turned out he was right, Perez went grovelling back and probably said 'you can have your job back and get rid of him'...?

    Better news for Isco though who ZZ built his last team around? I really can't see Bale being in Spain come the end of August so the rumours i'm sure will start again?

  • You can throw Icardi into this as well...definitely going in the summer. Madrid or Premier League.

  • Best get myself topping up on ney ney! He needs a galactico to get the fans buzzing again! Or he could buy Fred from Utd!!

  • @LuaLua - if it a ban then no loans either. However, I think they will appeal the appeal as there is a precedent with Barcelona that an appeal should allow them to trade until that decision.

  • @Zidave there was a precedent set with bans being appealed and put on hold.
    But fifa / eufa know clubs use that as a smokescreen to buy loads of players in one window then sit back for the 2 window ban.
    That's why they've denied Chelsea an appeal.
    Maybe they can recall some of the 50 odd they have on loan

  • Plenty in the news the last couple of days with about Gundogan not having signed a new contract. No shift either up or down in his price. As a theoritical question do we think he would benefit from a move away from City? Seems there are pro's and con's for both sides and i suppose a lot would have to do with which club he went to...

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