Diogo Dalot

  • What are peoples general opinions on Dalot?

    Has looked like a really good prospect for United in his last few performances on the wing. (Without being too Sensationalist) Ronaldo and Bale have come to mind for different reasons - namely the Portuguese connection and the Full back to winger thing...

    Price risen, but highly unlikely to be transferred anytime soon, and maybe a little young to be getting a consistent star for a while, especially in attacking positions.

    Good long term hold, or a little bubble which will burst any time soon?

  • I reckon that intial excitment has started to fade away and united have a tough run so I've sold him and plan to rebuy when he dips down. I think in the transfer market people will jump off him as united are linked with people. Also with martial back and lingard and herrera close i reckon the chances will dry up a little. Still could be an important sub i guess. but im selling and probably rebuying later.

  • Nice man.

    Hadn't considered that tbf! I definitely have the gut feeling that he has had his 'peak' over the last week or two.

    Only thing in my head is his long term hold value.

    Got a couple of United players in the bank, so may well sell up to keep hold of the higher values.

  • don't blame me if he comes on and scores a winner. 🙈 He is a good player.

  • I sold recently. Again looks like a good player, but Young is favoured defensively and with the star players returning from injury I don't see him playing that regularly. Could be good for a long term hold but I wanted to free up money to spend elsewhere.

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