Rhian Brewster

  • Looking at the rate he has increased, i'm thinking he could potentially be one of the most solid investments before the share split, is there a a better youngster on the index with more potential than him!?

  • @NewUser297399 I’ve got 100 of him at £3.00 and it’s been a solid investment so far just a constant steady rise and will keep doing so. Klopp said he’ll be a big part of their pre season and wants him to be involved in the first team but obviously don’t want to rush him after his long injury being out for over a year.
    Bobby Duncan is another good hold of mine from the Liverpool u18s check him out 👍🏻

  • I'm a big fan...U19 tournament and then pre season, will be the bench from new season and a certain replacement to Sturridge.
    I hold also!!

  • If he didn't get injured he would have definitely already played for Liverpool's first team this season.

    I think he is a solid investment as Liverpool are likely to get rid of Origi in the summer and Sturridge will leave at the end of the season on a free. I'm sure they will buy another striker, but I'm sure Brewster will get his chances next season to impress

  • Very exciting youngster. I watch a lot of you tube videos of upcoming talent, and he’s just looks streets ahead of his peers. Quick, organised feet, great link up play and little stuff like when strikes the ball be seems to middle it. So often these kids scuff it and it’s all a bit messy because they are growing still- willem Geubbels for example. I was wondering how he might fit with the front 3 at Liverpool but his ability to read the play and link up will mean he should fit in like a glove. No wonder Klopp loves him.

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