• for one week only i'm back at the bookies... love this time of year and have already got the spreadsheets on the go and my deposits for the first two days already catered for... I'm not going to give any tips (will maybe save that for the Gold Cup on Friday) but I don't want to stop anyone that wants to if they have any below???

    Who's your mates mates mates brother at work told you to back today???

  • @dannypea be careful who you back, ive heard the Birmingham fans are planning to punch the fav in the 3 O'Clock

  • @Boing-Boing to be honest there's probably some relevance in this??? These type of horse racing events have grown in popularity amongst the young thuggery culture we have on these shores and you've seen in recent times women dolled up at Ascot & Aintree unable to walk pissed up after six babychams and tattooed men in tight suits fighting amongst each other covered in plastic pints of warm lager... Certainly a problem that has been long associated with football is now in racing... be interesting to see if this week goes incident free?

  • @dannypea if you have spreadsheets for it you must have a couple of tips???

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