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  • With the team set to be announced tomorrow (Wed 13/03).. who do we reckon will get the debut call ups and who do you think will be dropped?

  • Wan-Bissaka & hopefully Coady. I think its too early for Hudson-Odoi even though I'd love to see him get called up.

  • Declan Rice will be called up

  • Ward Prowse. Southgate loves him and really inform. Going under the radar as well

  • Barnes deserves a call up in my opinion

  • @NewUser284339 Ward Prowse has already made his England Debut. He should get a call up based on form though. I rate him quite highly

  • I'd go Foster in net.

  • @Westy agree but he is always over looked. Heaton has done well minor the Liverpool game.

  • @Westy I thought he had quit internationals a couple of years ago

  • Seeing as these games are qualifiers I dont think we'll see a massive change from previous squads. Maybe a few new players (Rice, Ward Prowse, Wan-Bissaka) to assess them in camp etc but 80-90% of the squad will be the usual faces.
    Why would Gareth suddendly change the bulk of the squad that reached the world cup semi final and then qualified for the final stages of the nations league?

  • I'd lose Dyer, Henderson and Walker.

  • Who’s just excited to see sterling/rash and sancho play together, me.

  • I'm not English - so I have a neutral perspective.

    I do rate England. As one of the four best footballing international teams out there.

    One that's consistently failed to meet the standards it should, in terms of trophies.

    Please stop suggesting losing to an average and ageing Croatia team isn't failure. It was. Big time.

    Moving forward...with optimism...

    Gomez, Stones, Shaw,
    Trent, Dier, Ali, Chilwell,
    Sterling, Kane, Sancho.

    Subs : Chalobah, Maddison, Rashford.

    Now that's a neutral suggestion, on the foundations, for a team capable of building towards trophies in future.

    There's a lot of room in there for youngsters to come in and stake a claim.

    Keepers (U25)
    Def/Mid (U21)
    Forwards (U18).

    I haven't seen enough of these, some mentioned.

    Declan Rice looks top quality - Better than Dier (who I hold).

    Other than that I'm not seeing any improvement.
    The older players I haven't mentioned are not good enough to carry the squad to world cup victory (I've tipped the last 3 winnners).

    Now is the time to bring in youngsters to learn from that already youthful first 11 I've suggested.
    Then England might actually win the next world cup and the one after that.
    It's about hunger and motivation.
    The French team (Matuidi, Griezmann and Giroud aside), were all under the age of 25. They still won it.
    Players like Fekir, Lemar and Dembele have been in the squad long enough to step straight in.

    That's the team you have to beat.
    You should be whooping Croatians no doubt.
    This summer the Nations league should be a forgone conclusion.
    I do not plan on loading up on Portugese, Dutch and Swiss.
    So do us all a favor and win a trophy.
    Then go on from there and win more.

  • @C-Arroyo What ??

    ALL 25 or over

    thats 7 out of the starting 11. Not sure why you think they were a 'class of 92' bunch of kids.

    Although I think Croatia were there for the taking, they had a very, very experienced team.

    Southgate's philosophy is to bring youth through, but it takes more than a year to bring those young players through and give them the experience they need, at domestic level, as well as international. Unless you're playing for titles regularly the pressure is immense.

    Back to the original post: Rice seems a must. Wan-Bissaka likely, and Ward-Prowse possibly in too.

  • Wouldn’t be shocked to see Angus Gunn called up to the squad.. expect it to be Heaton (starting) / Pickford (sub) / Gunn (Squad)

  • Pogba had only just turned 25 going into the tourney, likewise Varane (March and April respectively). Kante was 25 going into the early qualifiers and they were mainstays in the team throughout.
    Throw in Umtiti, Pavard, Hernandez and Mbappe and it reduces the average.

    I just think for a long time now, England have stuck with players for a tourney or two, too far.
    In that sense it's leaving the next generation behind.

    I could understand it with the Becks, Gerro, Lampard generation. However I still think it cost England a lot and encouraged a certain culture within the English game.

    It's been changed a lot under Southgate, Croatia tactics aside, he's been a successful appt and I'd take it further.

    I think the key changes in the team need to be Trent, Gomez and Sancho being introduced to the first 11.
    Now not in 2/3 years.

    However I think it's massively important that the players who make up the rest of the squad are not disgruntled older players like Lingaard and Trippier in this reshuffle.
    Far better to be looking at the likes of Nelson or Wan Bissaka. The spirit has improved a lot due to the optimism generated by Southgate and his willingness to trust young players.
    So I think he needs to be brave. Not wait until midway through Euro qualifiers. Do it now, let the older players think back on Croatia and get on with club careers.

    These youngsters aren't getting massive support, encouragement or minutes at their clubs - Players like Greenwood might benefit massively in terms of being introduced now as senior squad players.
    If that's done I think England become serious contenders for the next world cup in 3 years time.






    Im hoping southgate decides to line up the team something like this at the front so we can see sancho rashford and sterling all on the park together. Not decided on the mid and def i just named these to show the formation im hoping to see

  • @C-Arroyo so 7 out of 11 were over 25 then :)

    Looking ahead to youth is good. Germany have just pulled the plug on the international careers of 2 29yr olds and a 30yr old to bring the younger ones in.

  • @Black-wolf Very very very attacking team that. Not fancy holding the midfield? Just out score the other teams.

  • I think Southgate will go 3 at the back again. Been 4 at the back for awhile now.

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