Wednesday 20th Dec - IPO youth scouting mission

  • After a blockbuster day on the IPO's where many of you are rubbing your hands at picking up Mariano and Guedes at bargain prices whilst they rocketed past the £1 barrier and others are understandably frustrated at missing out (100,000 into 60 simply doesn't go unfortunately - tongue in cheek maths applied there)

    Tomorrow see's the trend towards youth continued but on a slightly more obscure level.

    Onyekuru is the one that jumps out at 30p for me, he's on Everton's books and he's just unlucky that the Toffee's have replaced Lukaku with such amazing strikers cough. So although the obvious return to Goodison would be hugely profitable there's an even bigger draw towards the fact he's being monitored by the bigger guns such as Barca. He's got the WC coming up with Nigeria and come September I wouldn't be surprised if this boy is hot property.

    Arsenal have 2 promising youngsters joining the index with Willock and Dragomir (previously from Game of Thrones) both at 40p, I don't proclaim to knowing much about these and can't bring myself to watch Arsenal let alone their youth teams :-) anyone in the know would be extremely helpful!

    Musonda at Chelsea has already had his fair share of media attention and yet another Belgian coming off the production line at 21 and 50p... let's face it Chelski don't promote youth players so his next move is pivotal on whether there's value in him on FI.

    Enzo Zidane, if you were buying a genetical clone of his father then you'd be starting 1 decimal point along but although he did score in his only outing for Real he doesn't appear to be getting much airtime at Alaves. If anyone know's if he's more Kasper or Jordi then please shout out.

    Ajer and Kempf are highly thought of but I couldn't scrape any information from google to wow me.

    Finally Seung-Woo was yet another "next Messi" during his time with Barca but he's now taking a step back with those Italian giants Hellas Verona.

    @MrFrenchTickler can you add anything to the above with your considerable Euro knowledge mate?

  • @Agatello your insight is, as ever, appreciated

  • Not had chance to jump on new IPO's what time do they go live on the index and hence I can try and buy when the price is at its lowest? cheers

  • @Agatello I was one of the lucky few who got all my targets today, managed to pick up Guedes, Diaz, Gerson and Unal all at good prices so very happy with the day. For tomorrow the big 2 for me are Bernardo and Onyekuru. Bernardo for me is a future star, managed to watch him quite a bit last season and been disappointed with his relatively low amount of minutes this season. I was sure after last season he would be a regular again, he isn't going to win you many PB's but once he's playing regularly and showing his quality there should be a few clubs sniffing round him, once he's more experienced he won't look out of place at a bigger club. Also completely agree on Onyekuru at such a low price as soon as he returns to Everton he should get a decent price
    hike plus he has a decent Goals to games ratio this season for someone so young so will definitely be looking to pick him up too if I can get him close to IPO price. Also I'll be keeping an eye on Musonda because as soon as there's any word of a move I'll be picking him up but while he's at Chelsea I don't have any interest at the moment. Not a day with the highly rated players like today but there's still a few decent players to be picked up.

  • Willock playing 90 for Arsenal tonight won't do his price any harm!!

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