• Diversification is great and all but it also means I make very little money really. I have 500 quid in FI, just how many players do you think I should have? I know it depends on strategy but say I wanted to turn 500 into 1000 asap, how many players do you think is optimal?

  • @Seanie1717 … "asap"...always good to be positive!!!

  • "say I wanted to" the situation was hypothetical. Just interested to hear thoughts

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    I would say 5% a month would be achievable if you spread your portfolio. Much bigger profits to be made if you invest in just one or two players but much higher risk (if one gets injured, you are screwed)

  • @Seanie1717

    I'd say if you want hit those kind of numbers, you better be willing to take some risks.

    In that instance, I'd be looking at players between £1-£2, and predict who is likely to move towards the English Premier League in the summer (including promotion prospects).

    Or perhaps players returning from injury ... that's always been a money spinner for me.

    I'd recommend between 3-5 players max.

  • @Seanie1717
    well you're gonna need to have a lot of luck going your way as well as make so very risky purchases if you wanna turn 500 into 1000 asap . I would buy 4-5 players who are all within the 2-5 pounds range and who I can see rising a few quid in the next few weeks. That's where the luck comes in as you're never certain that a buy player you buy will rise or keeping rising, I'd be a millionaire by now if I could predict the future lol.
    I'll give you an example of how this works, If you had bought David Neres just after his CL goal the other night, he was worth 2.10-2.15, fastfoward 1 week and now he's worth 3.10, If you had bought 100shares in Neres the other night, you'd be almost 100pounds richer. But Neres' value couldve dropped again after the Madrid game as he doesn't play in a PB and you could've lost some money. That is why anytime you try to make money fast on FI, you run this risk of getting burnt.

  • @Seanie1717
    There's a channel on youtube where the guy starts off at 100pounds and is now close enough to 1000pounds.. It's called football index bank builder, I can send you the think if you're interested. It really gives you an insight into how to you should be setting up your portfolio to max maximum profits.

  • @johnboywalker cheers man, im more of a play it safe kind of guy but id be interested to experiment with a few hundred quid just to see as ive had some of the big risers of late just not in vast quantities

  • @NewUser280785 Yeah I see what you're saying, good example. I think I can pick some risers, injuries just could be a massive risk

  • Hi,
    Ppl who joined FI at least 6 months ago probably double (if not more...) money already but market has changed a lot and is harder to do it cuz the prices are higher then months ago but still possible if you are flexible, follow the market, know the rules and know little about the football ...then spent few hours a week on FI and I'm sure you will be happier person then now :)
    Many ways to make money here, many strategies, different ports with diverse groups of players!

    If you pick the 'right players' in one year you will double ur money for sure but if you want ASAP ( I don't recommend on the beginning but in late stage is one to follow strategy) take a risk and stick 'all in' in one player who will double in price in short time (week/month or 2-3 months). Many players can achieve that... :)

  • @Mundek Ive a portfolio with about 25 players which I think is too many, think im going to halve that at least, only not sure of waiting til after share split to do so or now

  • @Seanie1717
    Well, IMO you did good job there only if you bought 'good players ' - quality not quantity is very important too... You spread the risk around the market and after SS you will not miss any waves (mostly) !

    When I was preparing port for SS I reduced shares in my players and spread the money around whole market!
    I don't like put egg's in one basket - prefer slowly way but in good/right direction! Many traders went opposite way - few players with £5k-£10k ports!! But like I said, many ways with different ports and risk!

    With bigger port ( in future) you can always add new strategies like - buying injured players, transfer targets, championship players or outside PB league, G&A and IPD targets, cheap players strategy etc...that will help you to build port and bigger profit! GL

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