3 month graph before share split

  • When you look at the 3 month graphs of the top 30 players it's clearly showing a pattern that was expected. Investors are only appearing to be putting there money into these top ranked players before the share split. The rest have significantly dipped even Messi. Also may indicate that investors are holding off until share split when obviously players with become cheaper. It's probably no surprise that these our the players people are willing to pay top price for are:-

    Sancho (starting to dip)
    Rashford (dipping slightly)

    Between 30-50
    Lukaku (back in team and performance)
    De ligt

    That's only 19 players. Definately been a lot of money taken out of the top end. Would be interesting to know whether it's just been reinvested into these players listed, or diversified.

  • i'm thinking Pogba, Mbappe & V.Junior are all safe bets but i havent when the balls to confirm yet as want to get in at the right time...is everyone in on these already or waiting?

  • @NewUser297399 if you look at the graphs M'bappe and VJ have been offloaded, possibly waiting to see what is changing over MB, invested back into PB magnets like Pogba, Neymar, but doesn't explain Messi's drop (considering him too old). Another reason could be people have withdrawn there profits and are sat there with a load of cash, waiting for the feeding frenzy after the share split.

  • Now is a great time to get on VJ if you are willing to play the long game. Will begin to rise as his return from injury draws closer.

    He will benefit from making sub appearances against tired defences for a season rather than starting games. I'm guessing Zidane had a say on his transfer and will be looking forward to working with him.

  • @Chris-J now is a great time to buy a lot of players who have dropped drastically over the last month Messi, M'bappe, VJ, Salah, Havertz, Dembele Kimmich etc will only go up in value. I'm expecting another Greenwood train after SS?

  • Slightly off topic, but what will happen to the graphs post Share Split. Will they align old and new prices, and if so, how? Or will it show as a huge drop for all players. Could be confusing/ off-putting?

  • @Metropolis i think it could possibly go worse. I think people will be scrambling for the buzz magnets and the likes of Sancho, CHO, Greenwood, Foden. They could be soaring and others offloaded even more. Even though MB could be opened up your still looking at 3-in 2833 chance of getting in the top three. Your still going to go with the safe bets who currently win it regularly. Not many below the top 200 are going to upstage Pogba and Neymar.

  • @Chris-J

    I completely agree and have topped up on VJ. Once he returns from injury, he's unlikely to be less than £10 per future for many years to come. Even if Zidane doesn't rate him or play him much (which I doubt), his price will rise regardless as he approaches full fitness.

    I did a similar thing when Kane got injured in January. I bought him at £9 per future and now he's worth £11+.

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