• Getting strong summer links to Dortmund. Was thinking about buying on the dip, hoping for a Prem move in the summer. What do you think a Dortmund move would do to his price? Can't imagine it will generate a lot of MB.

  • @NewUser184847 I think the best thing that can happen for his price is to stay exactly where he is.

    he is currently taking a lot of set pieces, pens etc and would most likely lose these if he moved on effecting his PB

  • Yeah, that or a move to a big English side for the MB. A move to Dortmund would hugely hamper his PB and don't think he would warrant his 4.88 price when compared to the likes of Reus and Witsel etc

  • I hold him, taken a drop on him recently, hopefully move to the prem but which of the top 6 need him? Moving to Dortmund not going to make any difference. Not the big career move to attract investors.

  • Chelsea losing Eden then signing Thorgan as a replacement would get the MB going! shame theyre banned from signing anyone

  • @Wilba thinking Spurs if Eriksen left, possibly Liverpool, need an attacking Midfielder, the Ox constantly injured and Lallana possibly leaving?

  • I’d say a Dortmund move could well I mprove his value - playing in the CL, with a team who dominate and win a lot of games , have a lot of possession , score a lot of goals. Could be good for his PB. It just depends if his current price has a potential PL move supporting it. He’s dropped so much lately I’d say there’s room for growth.

  • PB winner again... Relatively low score to win with... But over 100 without a goal and without winning the game shows his pb credentials. Either Gladbach qualify for CL or he leaves for a CL team. Looks cheap going into a split whichever way the announcement goes... Imagine the MB if another Hazard joins the EPL?! And his PB game is on point

  • Gladbach look weak at the moment. Watched some of the game and all they were doing was panicking and trying to find Hazard. He defo needs to find a better team with better players because he’s wasted.

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