Kingsley Coman

  • Big night for Coman holders [£2.84]. If Bayern crash out. I expect him to slip down to around the £2.60 mark. All the talent in the world but struggled with injury for large parts of his career. On the upside, if he was to perform well tonight and Bayern went through against Liverpool, that £2.84 share price looks like a bargain.


  • You should change your name after your John Obi Mikel tip.

  • @Yellow

    It depends
    He maybe a prolific user of the local tips and a local sage when it comes to which tips are best to use as well as tip etiquette.
    I myself can sometimes get confused if the containers aren’t well labelled and fear I could be putting the wrong type of waste in the wrong place so Im sure he is a highly regarded resource in the local community.

  • @KingsOfTipping 🤔 they didn't go through, the end.

  • Still although Bayern didn't go through, Coman has massive potential and would be much more expensive if not for the injuries.
    Defo a hold as Bayern are still top of the league and France are the current world champions.
    Not sure of a cheaper player who has achieved so much and is still very young.
    I will be buying at the current price f he gets fit and starts performing like he can!!!

  • @KingsOfTipping best place to fly tip an unwanted corner sofa ?

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