What is going on with my balance?

  • I just logged in. Desktop on my phone. Showing 24hour about £30 loss. Week £50 loss and over a grand missing my what my portfolio was about 4 hours ago. Anyone else had this big or has there been a crash and the player prices havnt updated on my phone?

  • @Misto all sorts of crazy things going on my account had went back in time a few days there but its back to normal now

  • I had a double deposit about an hour ago....

    But fortunately I was wise to it & actually put half the amount I wanted in - just in case.

  • My 24h is showing a heavy loss as well and not sure why ...

    I do have Griezeman but I thought the 24h was reset midnight and he is about same price as last night. Ignored it.

  • About an hour ago I had players back in my port that I had sold the day before and less futures in other players. It's righted itself now. Not had my ipd yet though from the weekend.

  • On the website it’s registering net deposits as £0....I wish 😏. And also it keeps sending me alerts saying i sold so and so player even tho I sold them days ago. Few bugs that need ironing out. Nothing to worry about.

  • Got back to being correct again £30 down for the day, £90 up for the week and balance is gone to being correct. Not great if I can 't trust the figures on my screen.

  • Instant sell inst working for me at the moment either

  • I’m showing up on the week and 24HR but I’m actually down,I am down heavily on a couple players so think my port value is right

  • @Valhalla Just checked my net is zero as well. Bugs all over the place. Very disconcerting when you are dealing in the tens of thousands.

  • @Misto true. Just had another player alert flash up saying I’m sold 1 Jovic share...well I sold him 5 days ago. Anyways, happy to be patient till they sort it. Probably have a small army on it as we speak (we hope 😂)

  • The weird shit is never ending recently, this is a new one for me though 🤣🤣


  • Last night was crazy, my cash balance was down about £7 and I had players returning to my port that I had sold over the last 24 hours ..... FI really need to sort these issues out as a company going forward, if I was a new trader I’d be very vary and the whole product. But as I’ve been on here a few months it’s part and parcel of the FI experience 😂👍

  • I am still having issues.
    Yesterday my start balance was £1356.34 in my portfolio
    Today it is £1355.19
    A loss of £1.15

    Yet my 24 hour total was -£5 yesterday (even though nothing dropped) and today -£3.86 already.

    Means after work today I have to add everything up and do loads of calcs to be sure of where I am.

    Very poor form.

  • I’m having the same issue with the 24HR and 7 Days saying I’m up they have done since last maintenance but my port value has dropped about £40 now,looking at player prices port value does seem correct just all the trackers at the top are way off.

  • Yeh not impressed. And not impressed with customer service- too many of them don't understand issues. I've had several player average costs issues and they haven't grasped the basics involved.

    I am worried that drops in players could be people fed up with this and leaving.

  • Just had mine paid but still says unknown... after what's been happening I don't know whether to trust it and spend it until I get my breakdown email

  • still seeing a big disconnect between the price people appear to be paying for shares (in the activity reel) compare to what the player buy price is showing in the market and in my portfolio.

    More annoyed by it all as i'm losing money hand over fist this week!

    My IPD payout just came in and seems very low too... £13.50 when I was expecting one of my larger payout like £30+ … never really trusted those payouts to be correct.... especially as there is no visible table available on the website/app that records goals, assists, clean sheets

  • I reckon mine is a pound more than it should be which makes me doubt it. Hopefully I'm wrong but you lose a bit of confidence with all these issues

  • Don't know about anyone else, but I'm doing screen shots daily til they get a handle on this.

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