Sadio Mane

  • Anyone else think this guy is underpriced?!

    Less than £5.50 and at the moment seems to be the main man for Liverpool who could yet win the Premier League and Champions League.

    At time of writing (with Liverpool 1-0 up vs Bayern) he has scored 9 goals in his last 10 games. Over the same period Salah has scored just 3 and only 1 in his last 9 yet he is over £12!

    If Liverpool win silverware this season it will be because of Mane.
    Also if you exclude penalties then Mane is joint top scorer in the EPL with Aguero.

    Either Mane is a bargain or Salah is seriously over priced.

  • @Static I actually think he’s overpriced. His Pb is terrible and MB equally poor.

    Salah wins mb hence his price is higher

    Also to say if they win a trophy is down to mane is not strictly true either

  • How does his price compare to aguero?

  • @Wilba When was the last time Salah won MB? I feel like it has been a while. Mane won PB a couple of weeks ago.

    I know what you mean about Mane MB though. He scored that outrageous goal and was still pipped to the MB that day!

    My point is that it's the business end of the season and Salah's form seems to be dropping whilst Mane is getting better. They are both 26, I just don't see why Salah is worth over £12.

  • @Dan-w said in Sadio Mane:

    How does his price compare to aguero?

    I think Aguero is held back by his age and the fact that everyone seems to think Jesus is suddenly going to be Man City's number 1 striker. I would say Aguero is underpriced but I don't buy players 30+ usually so wouldn't invest.

  • Red hot form. Quality player, but doesn’t get much MB and his PB scoring is poor too. Too few touches on the ball. Still has 30p of divs this season which decent. Salah by comparison is 84p this season, despite his recent average form. Salah also pulled in a monster £3.10 last season...55p more than the next person which was ronaldo. Neymar had £2.27. Mane was 58p.
    So that is why he is considerably more expensive.

  • @Valhalla so people are maybe holding Salah based on his form from last season and early this season? I just struggle with why Salah is priced so high but those dividend returns from last season answer my question.

    As for this season, is 84p a good return for a £12+ player?

  • Mbappe, who is around £17 has a dividend return of 23p despite being in the form of his young life and banging in a record amount of goals.
    So yes, 84p is a very decent return.

  • If Salah returned £3.10 last season and has 84p already this season, even without a proposed dividends increase he averages £2 a season.

    So with a 3 year hold he will return you around £6 minimum each share invested.

    That's means if his price is stagnant for the next 3 years at £12. I would only have to sell him at this current price to make £6 a share profit.

    If you have 100 shares that's a minimum of £600 profit without any capital appreciation.

    Of course, capital appreciation will occur with the growth of the platform but still, if it didn't - that's still great value. 👍

  • @Valhalla said in Sadio Mane:

    Mbappe, who is around £17 has a dividend return of 23p despite being in the form of his young life and banging in a record amount of goals.
    So yes, 84p is a very decent return.

    That's fair. I know Mbappe is notoriously bad at PB returns. I was just curious how Salah measured against cheaper options like Griezmann or Aguero for example

  • Mane is 1 of those "catch" players for me as he's too expensive to buy for ipds and doesn't do quite enough to get any returns to warrant the outlay.
    Greizman another 1 in the same category!

  • @Static unfortunately tonight was quite a good case in point. Mane was electric. Scored 2 great goals. Messi also scored 2 goals. (Neither player scored GWG). So exactly the same goals each. And yet Messi gets star player with 254 PB and Mane only scored 121 PB. The boy just doesn’t score well on PB. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • @Valhalla Messi two assists too

  • @Rufio90210 that’s how he plays....always in the mix 😉

  • Mane: good form, 2 goals, 2nd highest striker
    Salah: average form, 0 goals, 3rd highest striker.

    When Salah finds his shooting boots again he’s likely to rise significantly again, and any game could be the game that kick starts his season (especially because they have Fulham next up). With Mane, he’s likely to drop as soon as he stops scoring. If I was buying today, I would go in for a Salah as he’s on a dip and will increase, rather than Mane who is on a high.

    Full disclosure, I held both until today, and sold Mane earlier after his second goal.

  • Something to take into consideration though is the possibility of him being able to win MB more if they open it up to 3 players (that is an obvious if). Hes been close on a few occassions since ive had him. Plus he is getting heavily linked to Madrid and Zidane. He may win MB tomorrow based on tonight's performance

  • @Shippers true. If he keeps banging in goals and playing amazing football he will get more MB. Once papers decide you are “a name” winning MB will happen a lot more often.

  • What is pb

  • @NewUser306977 think it’s a personal bonus , I’m new aswell , do people on here stick with players , or keep looking for quick returns

  • @NewUser306977
    PB is performance buzz dividends
    MB is media buzz dividends

    Take a look at the thread at the top called 'All things Football Index' will answer a lot of questions for new people to the index.

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