Thursday Tips - 14/03/19

  • Top Tipsters :

    1 - Westy - 1.66 pts
    2 - PepKelly - 1.33 pts
    3 - Dan-w - 1.25 pts
    4 - Pierre_FI.2129 - 1.17 pts
    5 - C Arroyo - 1.16 pts
    6 - Andy-M - 1.00 pts
    6 - Vespasian - 1.00 pts
    8 - Pimpmaster - 0.99 pts
    8 - Weggers83 - 0.99 pts
    8 - Ynot_b - 0.99 pts
    11 - Advinculas Index - 0.83 pts
    11 - Indexical - 0.83 pts
    13 - Chickenman - 0.66 pts
    13 - John-D - 0.66 pts
    15 - Sandtoss - 0.58 pts
    16 - Ringers - 0.50 pts
    17 - AbuOG - 0.33 pts
    17 - Ross12 - 0.33 pts
    17 - Schmitcattaxi - 0.33 pts
    17 - Yellow - 0.33 pts

    *2pm deadline for all tips (from Saturday 16th/03).

    Vote 1 :
    (a) allow edits to tips beyond 2pm, through to kick off times.
    (b) allocate points based on percentage of winning tips (excluding all tips who do not start matches).
    (c) Continue with proposed 2pm deadline. No further edits.

    Vote 2 :
    Any tipster offering 2/2 winners, or 3/3 winners - essentially given bonus points.
    Percentage scores in above examples would remain 1 point.
    Should two points, 3 points respectively be awarded ?
    Yes or No.
    If yes. Both PepKelly and Dan-w will be awarded 1 point each extra, as both suggested 2/2 yesterday.
    (a) Yes
    (b) No

    Deadline for voting 10pm.

  • Vote 1.
    No edits after deadline whatever deadline may be.

    Vote 2.
    Despite the fact I'm shooting myself in the foot, leave it as is and no bonus points.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it! You're having a stormer mate, keep it up!

  • @C-Arroyo I think it's good how it is, but the deadline is a great change.
    Bonus points is not fair, then why not a bonus for picking 1 player and him picking up star player for example ?? Too many rules just make it complicated mate.

    My vote.... as it is with 2pm deadline 👌🏻

  • Please note :

    As of today we now have a full tipster board of 20 positions.
    The board will be limited to the Top 20, but will be emergent.

    As of tonight the highest scoring tipster not placed on the board will have his/her total deducted from all 20 tipsters occupying the board.

    Example 1 : If "Homer J" joins today and places 4 tips, which includes 1 winner - 0.25 points.
    He will not score highly enough to be placed.
    However his 0.25 pts will be deducted from all 20 tipsters with current standings.

    Example 2 : If all members of the Simpson family join today and offer the exact same 4 tips - with 3 winners = 0.75 pts each. Each will make the tipster board and relegate the four above tied in 17th positions.
    These scores of 0.33 pts will then be deducted from all tipsters with current standings.

  • Defenders :
    Stefan de Vrij (27) Inter Milan - £1.03
    Sead Kolasinac (25) Arsenal - £1.03

    Midfielders :
    Granit Xhaka (26) Arsenal - £1.95
    Pablo Sarabia (26) Sevilla - £2.57

    Forwards :
    Matteo Politano (25) Inter Milan - £1.72
    Arkadiusz Milik (25) Napoli - £2.92

  • Kolasinac

  • Alfonzo Pedraza
    Filip Kostic

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @C-Arroyo Say what ??? Let me get this right, so let's say we are 20 people the top 15 have between 1.33 pts and 1.99 pts and the bottom 5 have 1.25 pts, a new entry comes and gets 1 pt, he obviously doesn't make the top 20, but he takes 1 pt off everyone in top 20, thus leaving the bottom 5 with 0.25 pts and the top spot with 0.99 pts, all of a sudden the guy that didn't get in top 20 is 1st .... surely that's not what u meant ??? If so I'll not bother mate, hopefully I've completely misunderstood.

    Curiously waits...

  • @Andy-M

    20 people the top 15 have between 1.33 pts and 1.99 pts and the bottom 5 have 1.25 pts, a new entry comes and gets 1 pt, he obviously doesn't make the top 20, but he takes 1 pt off everyone in top 20, thus leaving the bottom 5 with 0.25 pts and the top spot with 0.99 pts


    all of a sudden the guy that didn't get in top 20 is 1st


    The guy does not keep his 1 pt.
    He returns to 0 as do all those not placed at the end of scoring.

  • @Andy-M

    It's double day tomorrow and Friday
    Triple day the following days. With maximum points scores of 2 and 3 points available (as points are doubled/tripled.

    So none of us are safe from "relegation".

    You're assumption in the example is that a non placed member does score maximum points, also that no member on the table scores any points on example day.
    Unlikely I would assume.

    However this is designed to be an emergent reference point.
    One that accounts for form, recent history and consistency.

    I would think that it is more than possible to pull away from the threat of relegation (for the best tipsters).
    It is also going to be possible at any point in future for new tipsters to come along, quickly enter the standings and have the possiblity of playing catch up from there.

  • Cool, didn't realise that it doubles and trebles, so if i said Messi yesterday and it was triple day I'd have received 3 pts ? So i can pick 3 tomorrow and all worth a point each ?? Also i can pick any positions i want, doesn't need to be 1 from each position?

  • @Misto

    I hope the above helps to clarify any initial misunderstanding.
    (I do regret my tone and the way I handled that discussion).

    However please understand that my motivation in pursuing this has never been an entirely selfish perspective.
    I actually meant to type "us money", when I did in fact type "my money" - for which I apologize to all involved.

    Yes each of us here now can benefit as individuals, however this scoring system is very considerate towards any new investors - anyone who would like to engage these threads at any point in future.
    Helping those to engage with the product has always been my primary motivation.

    To such an extent, that I am more than ready to entertain the inevitable backlash against the prospect of "losing points" today.

    Everyone was warned more than once. Emergent I said. No fat sharks feeding off the rest of us in this pond.
    We all help one another to success or we all share the responsibility of being crap tipsters.

  • @C-Arroyo Think you are doing an excellent job mate, thanks 👏

  • @Andy-M

    If you were to select one winning tip on treble day.
    1/1 = 1 point x 3
    3 points

    However if you selected 3 players with only one winner.
    1/3 = 0.33 x 3
    0.99 pts

    You are welcome to choose any number of individual players (up to 10, first names listed qualify), in any positions.

  • @C-Arroyo

    Honestly - With a little safety net, I've taken the opportunity to pump the older players in my portfolio (though I have no wish to sell them at current prices)

    Were I in the bottom half I may not be throwing up six tips today.

    If I were on 0.33 pts I'd probably choose 1.

    We can all try our own strategies though.
    I think yesterday was a rare bad day for muggins anyway.

    You all can't have old goats offering bankers every day.
    Tomorrow is a little more tricky and that's where my diverse portfolio comes in handy :)

  • @C-Arroyo last question... are we only using players from our portfolio's?

  • @Andy-M

    I'm sure the questions help other readers, I'm happy to try to answer, but I want things to be participatory too.

    It's my preference to only pump players I own, the context of my comment above to Misto.
    However yes that could be perceived as a little arrogant, self-confident maybe.
    There's no rule in this regard. Other tipsters have won points by tipping players they do not own. That may likely have been the case yesterday with Messi.

    In the long term I can see a benefit through a higher table standing.
    However in the short term one might prefer more interest (and possible growth in price) in players they hold.

    I have a value I place on all my holds.
    I have had 3 winning tips. Tah, El Shaarawy and Verratti.
    Of the 3 I have sold Tah. After winning his dividend, he had risen by close to 40% and hit my valuation of slightly over £3.

    Most are long term holds as they are way off my valuation.
    Of those today only Milik would likely be sold were he to win a dividend - I would likely do so immediately prior to his next game. Players often rise at that time if they were dividend winners in their previous game.

  • @C-Arroyo I got 1 pt for Messi, and i hold too, have a few players tonight and could possibly choose them, Europa league is a bitch to choose from though.
    Thanks for all the answers, sleep tight and speak soon.

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