Eder Militao

  • Rumoured last night that an agreement had been made, just been confirmed on most reliable places i know.

  • @Andy-M Yes, 50 million euros agreed with Madrid. Hes moving there in the summer.

  • I just received an update too …. signing a 6 year contract with RM in the summer

  • first of many signings for Real Madrid... from an FI perspective he's currently at 2.74 but as a defender and looking at the likes of Varane and Nacho does he offer good value at the present time?

    Would say anyone getting in on him early would have enjoyed the price rise but maybe a chance to get out on the hype and buy in again once it all settles down again?

  • @dannypea I think the reason also being Porto are still in CL, and by the time that comes around the split will have occurred, plus the fact that ppl are hoping for a change in defender PB situation, right now the whole market is on edge waiting for Monday's announcement.

  • @Andy-M not totally the reason but i get your point....

    I've held Moussa Marega since the group stages he's scored in every game of the CL and is worth 95p!!!!

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