• I haven't bought any shares in asensio as of yet so this is not a pump by any means. From what I've gathered, Asensio looks to be a great prospect for the next couple of months because of 2 reasons. If he stays at Madrid then he's likely to get game time as he used to be integral to ZZ's plans prior to his resignations, and if ZZ can get Real playing like they used then I'd expect Asesnsio to be in the heart of their attack. If Real bring in Hazard,Neymar,Mbappe then I would expect him to make the switch to the prem. Best case scenario would be of course if he joins United and gets the no.7 shirt off Alexis. He will surely be one of the poster boys of United and I can see him slotting seamlessly into that gaping hole in United's RW.

  • @NewUser280785

    I like him & own some for all the coherent arguments you put forward & post an assumed 4 way SS he will only be £1.10 so has plenty of upside.

  • Think myself and @johnboywalker were Asensio’s biggest fan at the beginning of the season. Single handledly dismantled Croatia in the autumn. Tipped to be Reals golden boy this season but flunked spectacularly. He’s got all the talent, but some how lost his way.

  • I bought immediately after the news of Zidane returning. I just had a few flash backs of some major goals in big games, CL final, el classic. Can see his value going up after share split, as the thought was to hold him for next season. Had a good amount of game time under Zidane last time, and still has massive potential to improve.

    pb scores weren't great this season, but hopefully I've made a good decision here

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