Tammy Abraham

  • The leading goalscorer in the championship, currently contracted to Chelsea, will surely be looking for a permanent move to another premier league club this summer. Somewhere he is going to get regular starts though, maybe an Everton or Newcastle? I have several shares in Abraham and being only a teenager, his pricetag would surely be into 8 figures.

  • he is one player i have been tempted by on numerous occasions...i just cant predict his next step and who he'll get game time for next year!

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    I am on him, no way am I selling. I am actually tempted to top up, but he is a little high for me now. He is one who I think I can double my money on in the summer if things go right.

  • @MrWh1te what did you buy in at?

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    He is around £3 now max for arguments sake. In a 4 way SS that will bring him down to 75p. I think with transfer news he will easily hit £1.50 in the summer, quite easily.

  • @MrWh1te does that mean at current prices you would expect him to be £6 on the summer? Seems pretty high to me!

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    No I don't think he would be at current prices, though he could be around £5 easily enough with the right deal.

    I am thinking at SS prices.

    (And yes, I am well aware his actual worth in the SS doesn't change, I just don't believe people understand the psychology of it all enough and am betting he will be a big riser).

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