Starting with £200-£300 investment

  • Very familiar with FI - investigated in Summer when the index wasnt as popular, when Pogba's was £5 etc. Just looked at it as an investment - however I never deposited as I was skeptical. Turns out would've made about £500 if I did deposit.
    I'm back for more now, and willing to invest again.

    Can I just have some tips for long term investments. I'm just going to see the Index as an ISA - with maybe some tinkering. I'm not expecting much with a small investment however I would still like to:)

  • @NewUser124448 I literally just came on this forum to post exactly the same question - looking for some very safe and steady long term growth start on about £100 for me:)

    If I was to give a tip (not that I know anything yet) it would be Emi Beundia from Norwich. Whilst I'm bias as I watch him every week, he's only £2.05 and he will 100% be playing in the Premier League next season, either with Norwich (hopefully) or get a move. He's probably better than James Maddison, who's now at £4.10. I'm sure he'll get plenty of transfer speculation this summer anyway.

  • @NewUser309471 I did exactly the same back in September. Started with £50 which doubled to £100 as I didn't have great signal and pressed it twice instead of waiting for it to load!! I stuck with it, tinkered, made mistakes such as buying ibrahimovich along with other shite! I kept investing and now have got £1400 deposited with £690 profit since then. I have followed alot of advice from the forum. Yes I'm addicted to an extent! So the Mrs tell me!!
    I would listen to people on here although not everyone as alot of pumpers knock about on here!!😉 good luck!

  • @NewUser124448 if as you say you are looking for a long term safe investment then Vrsaljko is who you need to put money into. He won't return much short term but pre injury he peaked at 2.20+ and is now 1.14. He has gone up slightly in recent days so the slow build up in price looks like it is starting. If you are looking for quicker returns then he isn't your man but can't see any way if losing on him.

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