Got any questions for this weekend's FigCast? Leave them down below!

  • Recording this weekend with TallBob from FI, who appeared on Ep. 31!

    If you have any questions, please leave them here :D

  • What's his opinion on Sam richards, couldn't resist sorry.

    What marketing should FI being doing post SS? as this is vital imo.

  • I presume he's been here a while (interviewed before)

    Question: Does he recall 'platform' problems before (re SS) ❓

    Love ur 'podcasts' & music that accompany.....keep up good work FIG πŸ‘

  • Can you ask how he feels the index has changed from his first podcast interview to how it is now? Has it improved for the better, has it lived up to his expectations? How has his trading changed?

  • @Thedave thanks Dave!

  • @Friedeggs thanks mate, appreciate that.

    I appreciate the music compliment even more πŸ˜†

  • @Tom77 nice question Tom! Cheers

  • Given the amount of issues FI have had this week with Technical glitches relating to service upgrades,
    as well as issues going further back over the last couple of months as a result of the strain caused by increased customer demand.

    How concerned are you about how they handle the Share Split implementation over the next couple of weeks and the long term ramifications if it is mismanaged ?

  • I am new to FI and have just dipped my toe in the water at the moment but I am considering significant investment. I have searched online for the answers to the following Q's without success so would appreciate any help.

    1/ Growth in the last 12 months in numbers of new investors and projections?
    2/ Average length of time a player is held?
    3/ Average % growth/loss per investor over the last 12 months?
    4/ Future plans in terms of growth both in the UK and Worldwide?

    In my opinion FI will be around for many years to come but we probably wont see the levels of profit that seem to have been achieved by the oldest investors.
    That said I am not sure there is anything out there at the moment that could compare in terms of ROI longer term. (unless you won the placepot at Cheltenham yesterday)

    FYI My current strategy is long term growth compounded by dividends as all MB PB will be re-invested and I hope to keep all the players I own for the better part of 3 years to maximise my strategy.

    I hope you can help?

  • @NewUser246615

    Hi there,

    I may be able to shed a bit of light on your Questions from what I've picked up, though sure others will know even more....

    1/ Hard one to answer exactly, but I heard a figure of 20% growth in January alone during the TryJan offer. You can see a table of how much the Footie has risen over the last ten months of so here. The Footie isn't an exact science but gives you a good idea of growth. Projections wise I think FI may have said a "Β£100 million" cap in the past. Whatever, the projection is continued growth. Onwards and Upwards, and all that.

    2/ FI have previously said it is around two days. Whether that's correct or not, who knows - but that was before IPDs were introduced, so may be even shorter now.

    3/ Impossible to say. But it's been such a bull market, hard to imagine anyone's taken much of a beating. Adam Cole said at the last meet, buying one share in every player on the Index at the start of last year would have got you nearly a 20% yield - so imagine what people have done with decent trading.

    4/ FI have heavily hinted they are looking to set up in one or more European Country - Germany's seemed to crop up a lot. They employ someone specifically for overseas markets (I personally am quite sceptical about their ability to do this, but they're trying). They're also developing Index's for other sports. Mike B said TennisIndex might launch even before the end of this year (I personally think this could be problematic). Apart from that; A totally new beta site continues to be developed, which is billed as a big update (although is taking a good while), and Order Books are also pencilled in before the end of the year - which will be a big change to trading. Their marketing is edging further into the mainstream too, and see no reason why this would not continue. They are hiring more staff and moving into bigger offices..... think that about sums it up.

  • @The-FIG Hi Fig. Couple of qs below.

    1. How does he foresee new technology improving the trading experience as FI grows? Nasdaq, order books etc.
    2. In general, what are his feelings with regards to the future of FI in relation to it being a hybrid of a stock market, betting and Fantasy Football. The introduction of PB, would suggest the shift towards Fantasy football and statistics, IPD as a shift towards shorter term betting. How does he think this has influenced the direction of the company? And will influence the future?
    3. Pre-Share Split nerves. A lot of concern about the recent tech issues on the platform and traders holding back money because of the uncertainty. With his experience, what are his thoughts on how certain he is of the future success of FI and that this is just a bump in the road.
    4. What are his predictions for the Share Split and revisions to the dividend structures and which players it will benefit the most?
    5. What are his thoughts on the upcoming summer break and IPD with no qualifying matches. Will this create a huge shift towards MB players, or will FI try to counter this, either by including one of the summer tournaments (U21, African Cup of Nations, Copa America) as PB eligible, or potentially by introducing an improved PB dividends structure for next season?

  • Question: Do you think Order Books being introduced could scare off new traders and people that don’t have experience in trading ?

  • @Keegan's-Bluff
    Thanks for responding much appreciated

  • @Metropolis Thanks mate!

  • @The-FIG Hi FIG, one more thing...

    You mentioned on twitter a possible live stream reaction to Monday's announcement. Would this be on your fireside website or how would we find this? YouTube? Really keen to hear your views on the announcement as very difficult to predict what they will do.

  • @Metropolis Hey mate! It'd be on YouTube.

    Will post it on the forum and as many places as I can when I go live!

  • @The-FIG @Metropolis @Friedeggs @Tom77 @Thedave @Advinculas-Index @Long-Haul-Col @Keegan-s-Bluff @RickYNWA Cheers for the questions gents!

    Here's the pod:

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