Making money on IPD

  • Just wondered if there are any charts/figures to show how much in play dividends (how many goals/assists) different value players would need to score to make some profit over the 30 days they are eligible?
    Also including taking commission into account would be useful.

    I.e. a £1 player scoring twice would earn 4p (fwd) - a 4% yield. (excluding price rises and commission)

    Just wanted to see if this is a viable short term trading strategy if you think a player is going to bang in a few goals over the next month. Any thoughts?

  • think buzzingpaul is the person to check out on this. can find him on twitter

  • I monitor a dozen or so £1ish strikers/goal scoring midfielders and keep an eye on their upcoming fixtures and value.

    You need to invest in them when they are at their bottom price and ideally have 5+ games in the next 30 days to maximise dividend potential.

    Vardy, Muriel, Benassi, Muriel, Bacca & Bourigeaud to name a few - there is better value outside of the PL. usually if they have been in good goal scoring form you can get a little capital appreciation when you sell too.

    I don’t calculate exactly how much I make/lose but it keeps me entertained and stops me tinkering with my long term holds.

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