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  • OK for Performance Buzz, defenders are the best value by some distance and midfielders are the worst. But has anyone figured out a decent strategy for who to buy. Who's going to convince me to jump on their wagon.

    So for my picks are:
    *Linderlof - for the combined media (Victor) along with being a defender.
    *Sandro - plays in Italy, was in the Who Scored team of their year, plays in the best defence last season in Italy

    Struggling with who to go with now and whether or not keepers or defenders are likely to be the better pick. Valencia would be good if he is reclassified as a defender. If Chelsea don't buy another LB then Alonso would be good. I suppose Alaba is decent choice but he's gone up in value and there are fewer games in Germany.

    Fabinha and Mendy would like to see what happens re transfers as they may drop if transfers fall through and last thing I was is a City full back who will be rotated. No guarantee Alves will be a nailed on first choice at PSG

    Thoughts ?

  • I agree, defenders are still hugely undervalued considering they get the same payout as midfielders and forwards AND there's only 40 defenders on the Index vs about 90 midfielders. Beyond that, I think only 37/38 qualify for PB due to the league they play in? So a one in 38 chance of winning PB as opposed to 1 in 90.

    Anyway, I've bought a handful of every goalkeeper, that was my first move when they announced the details as I mistakenly thought GKs had their own tier, but that didn't matter because most all flew up in price anyway. I've also gone ahead and invested in attacking full backs. Alves, Sandro, Mendy and hopefully Walker if he drops in price once the move goes through.

    It will be interesting to see how goalkeepers fair. They get 20 or 40 points (can't remember) for each save they make. So busy goalkeepers like Schmeichel could actually score higher than the likes of Neuer.

    I don't think there's a bad investment from a defensive point of view at the moment. Once the Index community realises everything I've just described, I'm sure money will start flowing into the defenders. Call me crazy, but it wouldn't surprise me if we see our first £3 defender/gk before the end of the season.

    We had £5+ players on a 5p Media Buzz dividend... why can't we have £3+ defenders on a 6p Performance Buzz dividend?

  • Ramos is a good shout because he plays for a team that wins a lot and he chips in with goals quite often so he will pick up lots of performance buzz points. Agree with Lindlehof. Bailly, Shaw and Valencia are all probably worth having as the media loves to write about United. Outside the prem I would say Alaba and as you mentioned Sandro are good buys. Possibly Alves but not sure how many minutes he will play at 34....

  • @FootyIndexJL excellent piece I hope you are right and people follow your logic its about getting in early before the rest you are right on Schmeichel but the one thing I think people miss is the swing between part of a winning team rather then a losing one 48 points which means good players from lesser teams have a mountain to climb compared to bigger teams

  • I've done a bit more research and Alderweireld looks a better bet than I thought based on last season's stats main down to passing as he got through 50 passes a game in the Prem last season which combined with Spurs' defensive record makes him pretty attractive. He just beat Bailly in my analysis (although bailly had better other stats) and is probably more game-time secure so I've gone for him.

    Its looks like centre backs seem better than full backs as they get a lot more passes, clearances and interceptions and full backs don't seem to have as many crosses as you'd expect - not enough to cover the other stats. Bit boom or bust with full backs you probably need the assists to be in contention for the PB.

    Gone for the Milan keeper as think I need one to cover that base. Milan should be good this year, he got the best keeper award on Who Scored, plays in Italy (good because it clashes less with Prem) and would hopefully make more saves than Neurer.

    Most of them are decent bets though .. the two I bought this morning have increased already.

  • I'm just hoping people use their brains and don't promote too many defenders into the first team.

    Makes sense to fill the first team with promising attacking players who have the potential to be linked to someone make the news and you make that money. Whilst keeping the defensive category relatively low in numbers so we can cash in there.

  • @NewUser76539 said in Best Defenders:

    excellent piece I hope you are right and people follow your logic its about getting in early before the rest you are right on Schmeichel but the one thing I think people miss is the swing between part of a winning team rather then a losing one 48 points which means good players from lesser teams have a mountain to climb compared to bigger teams

    I think generally speaking, keepers/defenders will have to keep a clean sheet to win the PB most of the time.

    -If you sign Neurer then he will keep more clean sheets so there are more opportunities to win the PB however will he end up coming second or third a lot ?
    -If you sign Schmeical you will probably have less clean sheets so less opportunities to win the PB but when he does get a clean sheet there is a high chance of the PB due to the higher saves

    -My take it on it that, for strikers there is a lot more competition as there are more players to compete with. So it is better to be outstanding occasionally (ie Schmeichal) and crap the rest of the time.
    -For defenders, there is much less competition so it is probably be better to be good a lot than outstanding occasionally if that makes sense so the regular clean sheets is probably better than the occasional clean sheet topped up with more saves.

  • Best defenders in my opinion:

    Ramos: best overall, quite a few goals
    Alaba: great passing stats for defender, chips in with assists/goals
    Alex Sandro: high tackles, interceptions and crosses
    Bailly: high tackles, interceptions, blocks, clearances - probably get quite a few last man tackles too
    Fabinho: great all-round (plus goals) and united rumours, if he counts as a defender
    Kompany: statistically as good as Ramos if he can stay fit...
    Lindelof: hard to go on stats as he was playing for Benfica last year, but looks good on the ball and the odd chance of winning media buzz because of his name (Victor)

    Alderwiereld and Rose are both decent too

  • I personally think Bournemouth are sneaking under the radar a bit and could have a strong & defensively sound season and as a result Nathan Ake could be a surprise winner to a few PB wins. However he has been hanging perilously close to relegation for a while so comes with his own risks despite being available for so cheaply.

    Winnable and clean sheet potential home fixtures early in the season against the likes of Watford, Brighton and Leicester are a great opportunity in my eyes though and reduced competition vs Brighton with it being a Friday game.

    I'm happy to throw a few £ his way anyway

  • Alderweireld was better than Bailly going by last season's stats mainly down to passes. You get a point per pass which made up for Bailly's higher average number of tackles/interceptions. Was quite surprised by his stats which made me pick him up (although have got Bailly as well).

    Ramos was a monster though - its not just the goals, he was also racking up 60 passes a game. Wasn't intending to get him originally but after analysis had to.

    Alaba didn't come out as well on the stats as I was expecting. Kompany is physically done.

  • @Mike78 Yes I had Bailly/Alderwiereld at around the same level in my calculations, but feel Bailly could improve a bit next season as it was his first season in the prem.

    Alaba came out higher than both in my calculations - his passing stats (including -2pts for misplaced passes) are the best of all the defenders , he gets lots of interceptions, plus a few shots, and crosses (which were not even included), on top of that he's playing for Bayern who will get lots of wins and clean sheets.

    Ramos definitely looks the best, can easily see him reaching £2+ soon

    Kompany certainly a gamble but did manage to play Man City's final 9 games of the season.

  • Whats everyones thoughts on luke shaw?
    Supposedly going to be Mourinho's first choice left back so if he can stay fit could be another potential riser in the man u defence

  • @NewUser78954 potentially one of the most valuable defenders if he can stay fit and become a regular in the side because he's good for the media buzz

  • For any of you who are members to FFS, I made a stats table to show the defenders who got the most things like winning goals, assists, sucessful crosses, tackles etc

    (If you're not a member... this is useless :D )

  • Alonso has a very good shout since he both scores and assists. Plays is EPL based, plays often and so has potential to win both defender buzz and media buzz.

    On the continent Alves still looks a bargain price considering he is going to be the main man in defense at PSG, who by the way has one of the best cleansheet record in Europe. Coupled with his ability to score I would say he is still a bargain.

  • @NewUser76539

    Looks like this premonition became true over the weekend!

    Funny thing is, I don't think the defender/gk rise is over. As I said in the last sentence of my original post:

    We had £5+ players on a 5p Media Buzz dividend... why can't we have £3+ defenders on a 6p Performance Buzz dividend?

    I've actually given feedback that I don't think the win/loss point scoring is fair. If Harry Kane scores a hat trick but Spurs lose 4-3 to a last minute goal then the chances are whoever scored that winner will score higher than Kane due to the win/loss swing and the winning goal bonus (another thing I've disputed). It'd be wrong for Kane to score lower than anyone on the pitch for scoring a hat trick, assuming the opposition doesn't have a hat trick scorer themselves.

  • @NewUser78954

    I think he's decent because he gets media buzz too due to his love-hate relationship with Mourinho.

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