Potential Growth and Historical Stats.

  • I am new to FI and have just dipped my toe in the water at the moment but I am considering significant investment. I have searched online for the answers to the following Q's without success so would appreciate any help.

    1/ Growth in the last 12 months in numbers of new investors and projections?
    2/ Average length of time a player is held?
    3/ Average % growth/loss per investor over the last 12 months?
    4/ Future plans in terms of growth both in the UK and Worldwide?

    In my opinion FI will be around for many years to come but we probably wont see the levels of profit that seem to have been achieved by the oldest investors.
    That said I am not sure there is anything out there at the moment that could compare in terms of ROI longer term. (unless you won the placepot at Cheltenham yesterday)

    FYI My current strategy is long term growth compounded by dividends as all MB PB will be re-invested and I hope to keep all the players I own for the better part of 3 years to maximise my strategy.

    I hope you can help?

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