Potential Growth and Existing Stats-Please help

  • I am new to FI and have just dipped my toe in the water at the moment but I am considering significant investment. I have searched online for the answers to the following Q's without success so would appreciate any help.

    1/ Growth in the last 12 months in numbers of new investors and projections?
    2/ Average length of time a player is held?
    3/ Average % growth/loss per investor over the last 12 months?
    4/ Future plans in terms of growth both in the UK and Worldwide?

    In my opinion FI will be around for many years to come but we probably wont see the levels of profit that seem to have been achieved by the oldest investors.
    That said I am not sure there is anything out there at the moment that could compare in terms of ROI longer term. (unless you won the placepot at Cheltenham yesterday)

    FYI My current strategy is long term growth compounded by dividends as all MB PB will be re-invested and I hope to keep all the players I own for the better part of 3 years to maximise my strategy.

    I hope you can help?

  • I can't give you definite figures on what you have asked but I can talk about how I have been getting on since joining in August 18. When I joined the footie was around 28,000. Now is is just under 68,000 which is a massive increase in just around 8 months. If we use the forum user figures as a rough guage of how the index is growing then when I joined I was around the 190,000 user. Now we are over 310,000 on the forum.

    Currently I am up 26%, I was higher than this but I have invested more recently which has affected my figures.

    I have a very similar strategy as you and I feel that this will see me make very good returns on my investment. You're in at a good time with the sharesplit just around the corner.

    I'm sure there is someone who has accurate answers to your questions though??

  • Thanks for your comments, appreciate your help but would love to see some cold hard stats.
    Maybe I need to contact FI directly

  • @NewUser246615 Welcome.

    Great questions. I asked similar questions when I joined and was keen to know more. Unfortunately, FI do not release official accounts or any reports with regards to their financial status to the public. Having said, with the majority in profit and the growth of new users, they would appear to be in a very healthy position, business wise.

    This forum is a great place to get advice and a general consensus of how the market is performing. As well as a support network. Don't hesitate to reach out.

    Not sure I can answer your questions as well as others, but I'll try.

    1. Not sure about 12 months, but to give you an example. I joined end of April 2018 and judging by forum numbers, I was around user 144,000 (not a nicely rounded number unfortunately but thereabouts!). I believe there are now approx 300,000 users. @Misto did some good analysis on this fairly recently.
    2. I believe this is surprisingly short. Can't remember the timescale. Was it 2 days or something crazy like that? I'm here for the long term so have held the majority of players for 9 months ish, and plan to continue.
    3. I don't know, sorry. You'll see a lot of bragging on twitter about 200% gains etc etc. You'll also see some losses but 99% of the time losses are temporary and even out over time. If you don't panic sell, the majority of players recover and I would be very surprised if anyone was at a loss after more than 3 months as long as they are patient. That's the most important thing. I think 30% gains over 12 months is a very modest aim, 50% realistic, 75% if you're prepared to do a lot of research and learn how the market operates.
    4. I believe FI is live in UK, Sweden and Ireland. I heard Canada mentioned a while ago but could be wrong about this. FI used to make announcements about expansion into other markets, but its been fairly quiet on this front recently. Probably due to their focus being elsewhere. Uncertainty of Brexit is likely a factor also.

    Good luck. This is a great place to invest money, but patience is essential. That's the best advice I was given when I started so just passing it on!

  • Thanks, its great to get real life numbers and I suspect its going to be difficult to get the actual answers to my questions but this all builds up a positive impression

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