Young English vs Spanish

  • who is more reliable after the SS... proven internationals like Asensio & Isco...or potential england talents such as Abraham/Barnes/Loftus Cheek/Maddison

  • Young English. For MB alone.

    Remember, Isco is 26. That's a year older than Harry Kane.

  • @NewUser297399

    I'd say the bias on the index appears to be towards young English players.

    The English players all seem to have rocketed in price over the past few months (unjustifiably in my opinion), but if you are looking for capital appreciation, that's the direction I would point you in.

    If you are debating who is most likely to win you PB, Asensio or Loftus Cheek. I'd pick the Spaniard every day of the week.

    But the index doesn't always work in a logical manner.

    So to answer a question with a question ... which would you rather have, PB dividends or capital appreciation?

  • @johnboywalker Oh Johnboy, forever anti English. You're wrong on the PB, RLC has won 18p (10p MB too), Asensio has never won anything, another overpriced Madrid player you hold I assume 😆

  • @nally93

    Oh Nally.

    A good point, poorly made.

    Let's stop with the negativity and conflict baiting.

    I, along with others, find it childish and tiresome.

    Thanks for your contribution. 👍

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