2nd & 3rd Place MB Players

  • Speculating here on the recent rumours about MB being expanded to all players and dividends for the top 3.

    I don't have stats to hand but it would be interesting to see the most frequent 2nd and 3rd placed players in the daily MB.

    I'm looking at players who are thereabouts, but 'didn't quite make it' on your typical 5p payout day.

    Couple of thoughts

    Messi. Consistently high MB but regularly outscored by the really big MB stars.

    Ozil. Seems to around the top fairly regularly this season. Could be a good hold heading into the summer and next season.

    Ronaldo. Same as Messi, and possibly better for MB. Not a threat to Pogba but expansion of MB to the top 3 could really boost his value.

    Liverpool FWDs - whoever scores basically. Salah, Mane or Firmino.

    Rashford. Second to Pogba in the United articles more often than not.

    Sterling. No transfer spec likely, but there's always media attention of some kind.

  • Hazard regularly seems to be there or thereabouts

  • Salah always has something
    Bale will be and has been last few weeks in pretty sure

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