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    Too all you Joao Felix haters out there (you know who you are) … Joao Felix called up to 'senior' Portuguese squad! And Benfica still in the Europa League!!!

    Just saying!! :-)

  • Thanks for that I just cancelled my sell order based on this info cheers

  • perfect time to buy as he's dropped to 6.48.
    Bruno Fernandes also got a call up.
    This Portgual team looks set for the future. They've got so many brilliant players coming through. Bruno Fenandes, Felix, Jota, Neves, B.Silva, Ruben Dias. I would a wise investment to get as many of these youngsters now in preparation for the nations league and the Euro 2020.

  • Jan to feb he had a massive rise in his price and I got in towards the top end pricewise but look 2 weeks down the line and your looking at a £1.60 region player and that will look great value.

  • @NewUser268150 Look great value compared to who? the whole index will be split so no player will become better value than any other.

    Based on a 4 way split;

    Felix - £1.60
    Griezmann - £1.40
    Jovic - £1.50
    Van Dijk - £1.30
    Gabriel Jesus - £1.30
    Toni Kroos - £1.25
    Dele Alli - £1.25

    Doesn't look great value to me.... hes going to have to become a superstar to justify his current value let alone any further growth.

  • @NewUser280785 I topped up a couple of weeks ago so have a cost @ £5.93. After SS he'll look an absolute bargain if the transfer spec goes into the summer.

  • @Chris-J … he is 19 years of age and if the transfer hype through the summer and if he gets on the pitch in one of these 2 games, of course he'll look great value.

  • @Chris-J That list of players look great value also I have to admit.
    As always research and hopefully you will make the right decision.

  • I'm not saying he won't grow but there are too many if's and but's for me - it becomes a bit of a 'pyramid investment' when there is very little substance to a value. Any further growth and he will be ahead of Kimmich - the most profitable PB dividend earner on the index.

    People will continue to invest if they see him being linked with Man United etc but its a risky investment - if I had him in my portfolio right now i'd be planning to sell up on the next value spike.

  • Didn't even start last night did he? 🤔

    Some strength in that Benfica side if they can leave the "new" Ronaldo on the bench 😎

  • @Ericali There he is...I got the bite.

  • @Ericali... hang on for moment cuz I'm confused now and not sure if I have put money in right player 🤔
    I thought 'new' Ronaldo is Joao Filipe... and he played from first minute 😂

  • @Mundek It changes from week to week.... 👍

    Ultimately, none of them will end up as the new Ronaldo - and most will end up a cross between Glenn Helder & Helder Postiga 🔥🔥

  • I'd only buy him if he joins United or Juve. He'll have serious MB potential if he keeps getting compared to Ronaldo at those clubs.

  • Even if he was £4 at the moment id say hes overpriced. May under £3 id have a nibble based on hype only. If you search up a y player online you’ll find a skills set video that makes any player look great but when you watch this kids it felt like 10 minutes of him falling over

  • How anyone can think this lad looks value at £6.47 really baffles me.

    Ok, so he might win a couple of MB's throughout the summer, then again he might not. They'll be a lot more high profile transfers being talked about & going through.

    Then if he does sign for a big club he'll be sat on the bench.

    Just look at Brazil's first choice number 9. He plays for arguably the best team in world football & is only 21.

    He's scored 4 in 4 champions league starts
    2 in 3 FA Cup starts
    5 in 3 League Cup starts
    6 in 7 Premier League starts

    Yet he's more often than not sat on the bench, exactly like Felix would be if he signs for a big Premier League club.

    He's £5.25!

  • @GarethG All I will say is Mason Greenwood £6.60!

    What's that all about?

    Yes Felix had a lot to prove but at least he is playing games and slightly more deserving of his price than some if these trumped up youngsters.

    Time will tell I suppose.

  • One example of another overpriced player doesn't justify Felix being thought of as 'value'.

    Few can argue that Greenwood is overpriced, but at least he already plays for the most media friendly club in FI terms.

    Felix could easily end up at AC Milan, Dortmund, Munich etc....... where his MB potential will be none existent. He might even stay at Benfica for another season or two.

    £6.47....... value......... you're having a 'giraffe'

  • I never said he was value, he is a speculative buy and is a work in progress.

    To justify his price really he needs to move to a more mb club as you stated in the premier league.

    I do agree that if he says in Portugal next season it could be hard to justify his current price.

  • @NewUser268150

    He's a very high risk buy (at his current price) for a relatively low reward IMO. If all goes to plan & he signs for say Man Utd & rises to £8 or £9. That wouldn't be a great ROI when you factor in the more likely scenarios & potential price crash.

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